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Terms of sale

1. The purchase of a ticket implies the express and full acceptance of the following general conditions:

2. Admission to theaters will not be permitted once screenings have begun. The Organization has the power to allow admission once the screening has begun.

3. No exchanges or refunds will be accepted, except in the event that the screening is cancelled due to causes chargeable to the Organization, in which case the ticket purchaser has the right to receive a full refund of the ticket price. Once the ticket purchase process is completed, the purchaser does not have the right to cancel. In the event that any change in tickets is accepted, the Organization reserves the right to charge for any administrative costs incurred by the change.

4. Tickets must be conserved until exiting the premises.

5. The Organization reserves the right to modify the show’s lineup.

6. All tickets contain different security measures and the Organization does not guarantee the ticket’s authenticity if it hasn’t been purchased through one of the official points of sale.

7. Any ticket with modifications, that is torn, in poor condition, suspected to be forged or acquired illegally will give the Organization authorization to deny its holder access to the premises. In these cases, the Organization disclaims all responsibility in the matter.

8. It is prohibited to film or record shows or to enter the premises with any type of object that the Organization considers to be dangerous.

9. The Organization reserves the right to refuse admission. The ticket holder promises to comply with the premises’ access requirements and conditions. The ticket holder authorizes the Organization to perform, in accordance with the Law, inspections or searches of people and belongings in order to make sure that premises access conditions are being honored.

10. The Organization will not be responsible for the wrongful use of the facilities.

11. The Organization reserves all of the show’s image rights and intellectual property.

12. The Organization will not take responsibility for losses, theft, deterioration, damage, or detriments caused to ticket holders or their personal objects during their stay on the premises.

13. Ticket holders promise to be respectful to the artists and the personnel on the premises, as well as to turn of their cell phones and all alarms before accessing the premises, and to refrain from eating, drinking or smoking inside.

14. Any complaint related to the execution, cancellation, modification or calling off of the show, must be addressed to the Organization and the corresponding ticket must be shown.

15. In the event of any doubt or enquiry you can contact us at www.sitgesfilmfestival.com, taquilles.online@sitgesfilmfestival.com, telephone number 938949990 or the Festival offices, c/ Sant Honorat 32, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona.

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