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In the Woods (Mesa Sto Dasos)

Angelos Frantzis





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Trailer / Images:


Immersed in the woods, rocked by the murmur of the wind and the crackle of footsteps, three young people, a girl and two boys, become one with nature. There they give free rein to their sexuality, get to know joy and pain, and lick each other’s wounds. Shot using a photo camera’s video function, with no screenplay, free of all formal demands but with a great aesthetic sense, Greek filmmaker Angelos Frantzis joins his leads to give shape to an intense symphony of sensations and desires. A communion of the senses, devoid of all guiles, and that doesn’t shy away from explicit sex.

Director biography:

Angelos Frantzis

Greece, 1970. He studied cinema at the INSAS in Brussels and worked on various art projects and as a film critic. In The Woods is the third movie directed by him. Selected filmography: Polaroid (00), A Dog’s Dream (05).

Cast & Crew:

Grècia. 2010

Director: Angelos Frantzis
Productor: Panos Papahadzis
Productors executius: 
Guió: Angelos Frantzis, amb la col·laboració de Katia Goulioni, Iakovos Kamchis i Nathan Pissoort
Fotografia: Angelos Frantzis
Muntatge: Nikos Vavouris
Música: Texturizer
Direcció artística: Ilias Lois
So: Nikos Triantafyllou, Yannis Skandamis
Vestuari: Christina Chantzaridou
Intèrprets: Katia Goulioni, Iaokovos Kamchis, Nathan Pissoort

Durada: 97 minuts

Original Language:

Greek, English


English, Spanish


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