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Detective Dee and The Mystery of Phantom Flame (Di renjie Zhi Tongtian Diguo Di)

Tsui Hark





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On the occasion of the upcoming accession to the throne of Wu Zetian, who will be China's very first empress, an enormous statue of Buddha is being built in the capital. When a group of dignitaries spontaneously combust, Wu manages to get help from Dee Rinjie, an officer she had imprisoned several years before, for him to solve the mystery. In this rebirth of martial arts and fantasy films we are enjoying, we were missing one of its great masters and here he is, back again. Tsui Hark's tremendous creative talent simply overflows to undertake a thriller that's worthy of Umberto Eco and delight us with the exuberance of the best 'Made in Asia' action cinema.

Director biography:

Tsui Hark

Born in Vietnam, he worked in Hong Kong as a TV filmmaker. After debuting with The Butterfly Murders (79), he rotated his work as a director and a producer, securing his place as a decisive figure in modern Hong Kong cinema.

Cast & Crew:

Xina. 2010

Director: Tsui Hark
Productors: Wang Zhongjun, Wang Zhonglei, Tusi Hark
Productors executius: Nanshun Shi, Peggy Lee, Chen Kuo-fu
Guió: Zhang Jialu
Fotografia: Chan Chi-ying, Chan Chor-keung
Muntatge: Yau Chi-wai
Música: Peter Kam
Disseny de producció: James Chiu
Direcció artística: Wu Zhen
So: Guo Xiaoshi
Efectes especials:
Efectes visuals: Sang Woo-nam
Coreografia d'acció: Sammo Hung
Vestuari: Bruce Yu
Intèrprets: Andy Lau, Carina Lau, Li Bingbing, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Deng Chao

Durada: 122 minuts

Original Language:



English, Spanish

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