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BRIGADOON 13 OCT: Asian Trash Cinema, The orphan killer & La masque de la Méduse






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15:00 Asian Trash Cinema. Bollywood Evil Dead (2008, Salim Raza) 99’
This non-authorized remake of The Evil Dead faithfully recreates Sam Raimi’s film but with songs and loose eroticism. It is a cult movie that has premiered again this year in India with new scenes and songs.

17:00  Estrena Brigadoon. The orphan killer (2011, Matt Farnsworth) 82’ V.O.S.C.
Two young brothers, separated when they were little after witnessing their parent’s death, meet up again years later and he, now a bloodthirsty killer... The slasher comes back brutally and with no concessions.

18:45  Sessió Especial. The thing from another world (1951, Christian Nyby) 79’
A group of military men working at a base in the Antarctic goes to investigate the nearby falling of an unidentified flying object. The expedition discovers that it’s a space ship; inside they find its frozen pilot and they take it back to a scientific facility. The military men want to destroy it, the scientists want to protect and study it.

20:15 Homenatge a Jean Rollin. Les raisons de la mort (1978, Jean Rollin) 90’ V.O.S.A.
Contamination, caused by a pesticide, starts to cause a series of problems in the inhabitants of a village.

22:00 Estrena Brigadoon. La masque de la Méduse (2010, Jean Rollin). 74’ V.O.
Medusa has lost her memory, victim of a spell. From this point on, she wanders around the places she starts to remember until reaching the Grand Guignol Theater. Final film by the deceased French director Jean Rollin.

23:30 Asian Trash Cinema. Kung Fu Magic (1986, Lee Tso-Nam) 90’
A conspiracy to take over the souls of the dead and achieve absolute power threatens a school of magic. A few students will face wizards, zombies, karate experts and aliens to try and stop them.

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