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The Wall

Julian Roman Polsler





Official Fantàstic Competition

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A woman joins a couple that runs a refuge at the top of a mountain. At night, they head over to a pub located in a nearby valley. The following morning, when she realizes they haven’t returned, the woman goes out to look for them. This is when she discovers that there is an invisible wall separating her from the rest of the world. With just a dog, a cat and a cow as her only company, she will start to write a diary to leave a record of her situation, her thoughts and her fears. Julian Roman Pölsler adapts Marlen Haushofer’s bestseller, faithful to the essence of a work that reflects on our relationship with those essential elements that surround us.

Director biography:

Julian Roman Polsler

Born in Kreuzberg, a mountain in the valley of Styria (Austria) in 1954, he studied direction and production at the Vienna Film Academy, as well as direction and dramaturgy at the Max Reinhardt Seminary. He has been directing TV movies and operatic stagings since 1990

Cast & Crew:



Julian Roman Pölsler


Antonin Svoboda, Martín Gschlacht, Bruno Wagner, Rainer Lölmel, Wasiliki Bleser


Julian Roman Pölsler, basat en el llibre de Marlen Haushofer


J. R. P. Altmann, Christian Berger, Markus Fraunholz, Martín Gschlacht, Bernhard Keller, Helmut Pirnat, Hans Selikovsky, Thomas Tröger, Richi Wagner


Bettina Mazakarini, Natalie Schwager, Thomas Kohler


Uve Haussig, Gregor Kienel, Markus Kathriner


Martina Gedeck, Karl Heinz Hackl, Ulrike Beimpold, Wolfgang Maria Bauer


108 minuts

Original Language:



English, Spanish, Catalan


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