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Víctor and Ana spend a few days at an idyllic lake. After an argument, she heads into the woods. When he decides to look for her, Víctor discovers someone is watching him.

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SPAIN, 2016


Sitges 2017 calienta motores con la proyección de cortos al aire libre
Falten tot just dos mesos per la 50a edició del Sitges – Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya i, per fer més agradable l’espera, el Festival ha...

Films from Sitges travel to the Malaga Film Festival
The two film competitions, respectively, shared their 50th and 20th anniversaries Fantastic genre carved out a place for itself in the lineup of the 20th Malaga Spanish Film Festival, in the Focus...

North American horror and the best genre films from emerging countries, the stars of Sitges 2015
The survival drama ‘Into the Forest’ will be closing the Festival The most genuine horror there is will be the indisputable star of Sitges 2015, with films like The Devil’s Candy...

Sion Sono will receive the Time Machine Award at Sitges 2015
The prolific Japanese director will be presenting the films ‘Tag’, ‘Love & Peace’ and 'The Virgin Psychics' at the Festival Japanese cinema has one of its main...

The new festival Sitges Next brings together the latest tendencies in communication
It will be held on April 17th and 18th with the attendance of Timothy Goodman, Digital Kitchen and Wieden + Kennedy, among other international guests On April 17th and 18th, Sitges will be hosting...

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