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Madrid. Immediate vicinity of the M30 highway. A nameless man walks tirelessly against the infinite traffic. In one pocket, he carries a map. In the other, different objects, like a broken compass, a die with powers, a magic stone, and a button battery that always reflects the full moon. From here on in... The night. The trip. The devil. A flute and a melody. A beginning and an end.

Director biography:

David González Rudiez

A filmmaker, screenwriter and editor from Bilbao, he picked up some sixty-odd awards with his short films. His feature length La fosa (16) won the award for best debut film at the Paura Horror Film Festival.

Cast & Crew:

SPAIN. 2017 (62 min)

David González Rudiez

David González Rudiez

David González Rudiez

David González Rudiez

Asier Hernández, Aránzazu Zárate, Carlos Algaba

Original Language:

Without sound



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