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Sion Sono

Director biography:

Tokoyama City, 1961. A poet since he was seventeen and founder of the Tokyo Ga Ga Ga artistic project, he directed his first movie, Bicycle Sighs, in 1990. He is one of the most radical directors on today’s scene. Some other outstanding films are: Suicide Club (02), Love Exposure (08) and Guilty of Romance (11).  



'Prevenge', the latest sensation at the Venice Film Festival, to close the Sitges 2016 Noves Visions section
The section will also feature the terrifying, internationally award winning Iranian film 'Under the Shadow'  Over the course of nine days, thirty something new and different visions of fantasy...

The Festival explores the magic behind the fantastic genre
Serial Sitges screens two episodes of the AMC series ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ and prepares the premier of ‘Fargo’ (T2) for tomorrow Sitges 2015 enshrines the master of special...

Sitges 2015 pays homage to Oliver Stone with the Grand Honorary Award
Sion Sono was presented with the Time Machine Award, Rossana Yanni received the Nosferatu Award and Simon Yam, the Honorary Maria Award The renowned North American director Oliver Stone received the...

Talent and glamour will be lighting up the Sitges 2015 Red Carpet
Famous fantastic genre stars will be appearing on the Festival’s Red Carpet The current fantastic genre landscape will be well represented at the 48th Sitges – International Fantastic...

Sitges 2015 presents the best from the most renowned names in fantastic genre and emerging territories
The Festival debuts a new theater and becomes a meeting point for industry and talent with new initiatives Just one week away from the kickoff of the 48th Sitges – International Fantastic Film...

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