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Juan Carlos Medina

Director biography:

He graduated with a degree in film studies and specialized in screenplay writing at Sorbonne. He has directed music videos for the BBC and made political and society features for Current TV International. He has made several short films and written screenplays for feature length films.



'The Limehouse Golem' brings a Sitges 2016 rewarding the most daring cinema to a close
Christopher Walken receives the Grand Honorary Award at the final gala  The British production The Limehouse Golem, directed by Juan Carlos Medina, is the film in charge of closing the 49th...

The most heterogeneous fantastic universe will rendezvous in Sitges
The Festival presents the best from the most famous figures in fantastic genre and more emergent cinema Sitges reinforces its status as an industry meeting place thanks to different...

Sitges 2016's red carpet will be bringing together the best fantastic genre talent
Max Von Sydow, Christopher Walken, Paul Schrader, Walter Koenig, Barbara Crampton, Bruce Campbell, Rob Zombie, Ruggero Deodato, Terele Pávez, Nicolas Winding Refn and Dolph Lundgren, among...

Sitges 2016's final line up presents more than 200 proposals offering the best in fantastic genre
For its closing, the Festival will be screening the European première of 'The Limehouse Golem', directed by Juan Carlos Medina The most eagerly awaited American horror cinema will be coming to...

Sitges welcomes Eli Roth and Elijah Wood and recovers historical memory with 'Insensibles'
The Festival begins its first week with the visit of two fantastic film heavyweights. Eli Roth, director, producer and actor presents Aftershock, a movie by Chilean filmmaker Nicolás...

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