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Andrei Tarkovski

Director biography:

Zavrazhye, 1932 - Paris, 1986. He studied film at the State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) and later directed masterpieces like Andrei Rublev (66), Solaris (72), The Mirror (74), Stalker (79) and The Sacrifice (86).



The Sitges Film Festival opens a window in Paris
The Étrange Festival will be hosting a focus on Catalan fantastic genre film in collaboration with the Ramon Llull Institute Paris and the Ramon Llull Institute join in the celebrations of...

Alverson, Pálfy, Winans, Lopushanski, Levrig, Kervern+Delépine and Questi, stars of Seven Chances 2015
Their films will previously be presented by a critic from the ACCEC  Seven Chances is the critics’ space at the Sitges Film Festival –the lineup is prepared in collaboration with the...

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