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Victor Dryere

Director biography:

Born in Monterrey in 1983, he’s the founder of the Nemesis Films production company. He’s directed shorts like El hechizo (02), El mago Manani (06) or From Venus with Love (15). 1974 is his first feature film.



Films from Sitges travel to the Malaga Film Festival
The two film competitions, respectively, shared their 50th and 20th anniversaries Fantastic genre carved out a place for itself in the lineup of the 20th Malaga Spanish Film Festival, in the Focus...

The Sitges Film Festival presents its 50th anniversary in Los Angeles
The Festival is committed to its internationalization and holds the first of its 50th anniversary events at the film industry’s nerve center This Wednesday, February 1st, the CAA (Creative...

The unclassifiable 'Swiss Army Man' wins Sitges 2016
The Special Jury Award goes to the film ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’, while the Grand Audience Award goes to the Korean 'The Handmaiden'  Swiss Army Man, an American film by directors...

The most heterogeneous fantastic universe will rendezvous in Sitges
The Festival presents the best from the most famous figures in fantastic genre and more emergent cinema Sitges reinforces its status as an industry meeting place thanks to different...

Sitges 2016's red carpet will be bringing together the best fantastic genre talent
Max Von Sydow, Christopher Walken, Paul Schrader, Walter Koenig, Barbara Crampton, Bruce Campbell, Rob Zombie, Ruggero Deodato, Terele Pávez, Nicolas Winding Refn and Dolph Lundgren, among...

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