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REC by Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró: encouraging presentation in Sitges



The new proposal from young filmmakers Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró was presented in Sitges at a heavily attended press conference where the directors, along with the movie's leading woman, Manuela Velasco, and executive producer Júlio Fernandez, talked about the conception of the movie's original idea and the details of the shooting, where they stressed the actors' and actresses way of working, established by the directors of this horror movie narrated in documentary form.

Paco and Jaume have carried out what could possibly be considered the 'most genre' work in their career as directors, moving away from subject matters revolving around the paranormal world that their previous works were related to, delving into a mockumentary-type film where two television reporters are involved in an extreme horror story when the inhabitants of an apartment building in Barcelona's Eixample neighborhood are infected with a strange virus, causing a savage wave of cannibalism.

Rec is, without a doubt, this season's most stimulating reformulation of the zombie genre, set forth as a horror movie that proposes an extreme horror experience for the spectator, appropriate to its inherent peculiarities: the potential the narration acquires by taking place in real time, the realism obtained from the fact that the actors aren't very well known and, in short, the originality used to display elements from the zombie genre.


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