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J.A. Bayona: 'The important things are emotions, not awards'



"The Americans have all the money in the world but can't do anything, while we can do whatever we want but don't have the money", stated J.A.Bayona, director of The Orphanage, in the round table held at the Festival entitled Género Fantástico Europeo: una moda' A propósito de los premios Méliès d'Or.

Bayona added that "The American industry doesn't take chances, that's why they make remakes of movies that were already big hits".

In response to the question what importance do film awards have, the other speaker at the table, Rodrigo Sopeña, director of La Habitación de Fermat, confessed that "awards help get people to go see your movie and for there to be greater repercussions. But that's it".

Bayona recalled the famous line from Denzel Washington who said that "I prefer the truth to an award". Referring to awards, Bayona added that "the important things are emotion and people's reactions". 


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