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SITGES 2011, an edition inspired by artificial intelligence 



SITGES 2011 delves into the concept of artificial intelligence, examining how it’s been discussed in film and what its future prospects are as regards to fiction and reality.

With the tenth anniversary of A.I. (Steven Spielberg, 2000) as a point of contact, the Festival will consider the questions that inspired Kubrick and Spielberg for this project: the emotional intelligence of machines and communication between synthetic intelligences.

China, The Festival’s advertising agency, has developed this year’s posters based on the geminoids created by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro in Japan. According to Rafa Antón, founding partner of China: “we often take artificial intelligence as something that’s exclusive to fantasy and science fiction. But it’s actually much closer than we think. And proof of it is this year’s image: two apparently normal portraits of two ordinary people, only they aren’t people. They are two robots. And they exist. Our intention with these posters is to arouse people’s curiosity, for them to question things that appear to be real. We thought it was a good idea to play with this ambiguity.”

The Festival and China appreciate the collaboration of professor Ishiguro and his team in Osaka and Kyoto, the photographer who was responsible for the portraits, Jose Aragón, and the Enri Mür agency that coordinated the entire production.


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