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BRIGADOON 2011. Luigi Cozzi, Jean Rollin and José María Oliveira



This year’s SITGES 2011 - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia includes a Brigadoon section (Miramar Building) full of names of their own.

After classics like Starcrash (1979) or Contamination-Alien Arriva Sulla Terra (1980), Italian filmmaker Luigi Cozzi touches down at Brigadoon to receive the Nosferatu Award for his lifelong career devoted to the fantastic genre and, while he’s at it, to present his latest film to date, the documentary Roma Fantastica (2010).

The now deceased French filmmaker Jean Rollin (1938-2010) will have a place of honor at Brigadoon with a remembrance of his most emblematic titles, Le Viol du Vampire (1967) or Les Raisons de la Mort (1978), the recovery of his interesting film La Nuit des Horloges (2007), and the premiere of his final movie La Masque de la Méduse (2010) along with the documentary about Jean Rollin himself, Le Rêveur Égaré (2011), directed by Damien Dupont and Yvan Pierre-Kaiser. And let’s not forget the also deceased Juan Piquer Simón and the screening of his classic par excellence: Mil Gritos Tiene la Noche (Pieces - 1982).

Las Flores del Miedo (1972) and Los Muertos, la Carne y el Diablo (1973), two accursed titles from among our country’s filmography directed by José María Oliveira, will finally see the light, after being buried for so many years, to the delight of fans of the darkest pieces in Fantaterror.

8, 70m2, Agustín del Futuro, El Espectador, Grasman, Hojas, Inquietos, La Granja, Luz, New Order, Sabrina, Sonia, Under the Apron and Versus are the short films selected to compete for the Brigadoon Paul Naschy Award.

In the premiere section, among others, we find Mr.Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical, the new production from Troma; The Orphan Killer, the latest sensation in the slasher genre; Last Cares, a deserving tribute to giallo from French lands; the national films Carne Cruda and Cop Models, Mission: Turbozombies or las Zombificadas Bong of the dead, Eaters or Morituris.

As for documentaries we can see the latest production by Sebastián D’Arbó, El Misteri de Fassman; The Terror Group, an interesting review of current national horror movies with the appearance of filmmakers Jaume Balagueró, Nacho Cerdà, Paco Plaza or J.A. Bayona or On Vampires and Other Symptons, where Celia Novis introduces us to the life and work of Catalan filmmaker José Ramón Larraz.

The Imagen D.E.A.T.H., CineAsia or Asian Trash Cinema sections, along with Japan Madness, where you can see the eagerly-awaited Horny House of Horror, I Love the Video Nasty List!, or the collaboration with FIB Cortos (where a selection of shorts films like Il garibaldi sensa barba, Pionner, Los 4 mcnifikos, L’accordeur or Animal beatbox will be screened) complete a varied, dark and brutal lineup.

To see the complete 2011 Brigadoon lineup click here


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