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An American werewolf in Sitges



The Twilight saga is undoubtedly one of the most profitable ones of the century and possibly in history seeing that out of the five movies, two haven’t even premiered yet. This is directly thanks to having divided teenage girls’ tastes between wolves and vampires like years ago when they had to choose between Brandon or Dylan or Newman or Redford. The franchise has revived the fan phenomenon like no other movie; and if you don’t believe it ask Ana and Alberto, both 16 years old, residents in the town of Sitges that camped out starting at 6:00 a.m. on Friday at the doors of the Melia Hotel. The reason: to see Booboo Stewart, one of the werewolves starring in Eclipse and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg up close. Both, exceptional masters of ceremony for the event organized by the Festival along with its distribution company Aurum, anticipating the premier of Breaking Dawn, the fourth installment of the saga. “I tweeted him several times, and without even asking, Booboo came down to say hi to us” Alberto remarked still excited about the actor’s hug. “You see?” he said to Ana “we put up with the cold, slept in the toilets and missed class but it was worth the wait!” You bet it was: almost thirty hours later and with 400 people behind them, this couple was first in line to enter the Auditori.

The Meliá was still two hours away from opening its doors when fans – from all around Catalonia and even Valencia or Zaragoza– were screaming like mad while waiting to photograph their idol. And once inside, more screaming: almost hoarse by now, they continued to scream while Booboo walked down the aisle to shouts of “You’re so hot!”. Once the audience finally calmed down a bit, and after Melisa explained how challenging it was to adapt Stephenie Meyer’s work for the silver screen, the North American actor delighted his followers with a few word’s he’d learned in Spanish: “Hola, muchas gracias por venir. Es un placer estar en España.” (Hi, thanks for coming. It’s a pleasure to be in Spain). Then it was time for the Q&A session, when a brassy fan managed to make the young werewolf blush asking him why he was so hot. And for his grand finale, Booboo was eager to show off his martial arts kills, conquering all the Twilighters with a flip. Sitges surpassed all expectations at the event with the screening of the Spanish trailer and a preview of some of the hottest scenes from Breaking Dawn.


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