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"Canal 3XL=Sitges 365 days a year" marathon: Detention + The Incident + Grave Encounters



Tonight at 1:00h at Auditori.

An essential evening for the most demanding Sitges audience, lovers of stylized gore and the most unashamed slasher movies are informed that they won’t be disappointed with this marathon. And to start revving engines, a little teen cinema. Detention (Joseph Kahn) is the story of a serial killer who importunes a group of kids punished with spending all day Saturday at school. This kind of The Breakfast Club (John Hughes) turned slasher is, in the words of its director, “no more and no less than a movie about teenagers for teenagers from the YouTube generation”. This hilarious low-budget comedy´s good fame is spreading like wildfire and even some have dared to brand it as the direct heir of the Scream saga (Wes Craven).

And afterwards, the turn is for the insane asylum that’s the ideal place to give free rein to the worst nightmares. In The incident (Alexandre Courtes), a group of young, aspiring musicians make a living as cooks in a mental hospital. Everything is going fine until one night the patients –skillfully presented by its director, as their dehumanization subtly brings them closer to a zombie appearance- take over the place and torture all those they find in their path at will. The movie moves straight into an escalation in violence that will delight an audience thirsty for some good gore.

Part of the specialized press has labeled Grave Encounters as the most terrifying movie since The Ring (Hideo Nakata). For others, it is none other than the bastard child of the Blair Witch Project. Whatever the case may be, the film made by the Vicious Brothers is one of the Festival’s most eagerly-awaited. Picking up the style of REC or Paranormal Activity, Grave Encounters simulates a faux documentary with footage from the night a television crew wanted to record the presence of ghosts in an abandoned insane asylum. The movie gives the people what it promises: dramatic effects and clichés that will scare even the most seasoned spectator.


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