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Science fiction takes center stage on a screen also filled with suspense



La distancia is Sergi Caballero’s second film, following his multi award winning Finisterrae, programmed at the Sitges Festival in 2010 and that was presented at over sixty different festivals worldwide. With La distancia, he’s now created a fascinating film blending suspense and sci-fi. Starring a trio of Russian kids with supernatural powers who have to carry out a robbery at a heating plant in Siberia, Caballero has put together a crew of non-professional actors, some of which were in Sitges today, like Alberto Martínez, Roland Olbeter, Miguel Lagostz and international porn star Sophie Evans.

According to the director himself, the movie is an "audio and visual space" where sound is especially important. Caballero pointed out the work by composer Pedro Alcalde, who deconstructed the logical concept of a soundtrack to provide an atmosphere that fits in with the visual realities the film displays, like telematic communication between the kids.

Caballero stressed that he comes from the world of music and explained that his work method is always based on a "mental image used as an excuse". With Finisterrae, the idea was "the road from the road movie" and with La distancia the idea is “robbery". The film’s location was also a relevant element for the director: "the place becomes another actor" and it’s starting there where the "story unfolds".

Sunday also had another important protagonist: Mike Cahill, who won the Mèlies d'Or in 2011 with Another Earth, and who presented the sci-fi drama I Origins. The movie explores the subjects of the human being’s identity and essence based on two visions: on the one hand, scientific, with the biometric identification of the iris and, on the other, based on the belief that "the eyes are the door to the soul", according to Cahill. The director explained that the idea for the movie surfaced at a time when there were in-depth studies being made on iris biometrics and the admiration it generated when it was discovered that the eyes are "the only part of the body that doesn’t change after their creation in the mother’s uterus".

But I Origins isn’t just technology, the film is also a love story between Sophie and Ian, who represent two apparently opposite points of view but which wind up in the same place. According to actress Astrid Berges-Frisbey, who plays the role of Sophie, thanks to this emotional part the film not only manages to make the story interesting but also that it matters to people".

This year Sitges 2014 has added a new category in the wide-ranging Fantastic umbrella: the Official Fantàstic Òrbita Category, which opened yesterday with Hans Peter Moland’s In Order of Disappearance and that today presented the British Montana, by Mo Ali. The Òrbita category includes thirteen thrillers, with special elements approaching fantastic, crime and action genres. Most of these films have been programmed for the next three days.


PHOTO 1: La distancia team

PHOTO 2: Mike Cahill, I origins director

PHOTO 3: Astrid Berges-Frisbey and Mike Cahill

PHOTO 4: Pos Eso


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