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Paul Schrader's talent seduces Sitges 2016



The director receives the Time Machine Award, while the legendary Italian filmmaker Ruggero Deodato picks up the Honorary Maria Award and the Minotauro literary award is presented 

This year’s shower of stars flooding the Sitges Film Festival de Sitges reaches one of its high spots today. Today Paul Schrader and Ruggero Deodato pick up their respective awards in Sitges, which has already welcomed Bruce Campbell (who will pick up his Time Machine Award Tomorrow) and the acclaimed genre director Rob Zombie along with actress Sheri Moon. The clincher of this year’s red carpet appearances will be Christopher Walken, who will receive saturday the Grand Honorary Award and will be staying until the end of the Festival. 

Being able to rely on an important figure like screenwriter and filmmaker Paul Schrader is something that’s not easy achieve. Just part of the reason that Sitges is a fantastic film festival. At the press conference, the American filmmaker, presenting his latest film Dog Eat Dog, talked about what, as he understands it, is the writer’s trade: “The Fundamental difference between a screenwriter and a writer is that the first is more related to oral tradition than written tradition; in my classes I always emphasize how important it is to focus on the story in order to write a good screenplay”. A genial Paul Schrader also referred to the reiteration he sees in cinema that’s happening today. “I am in continual evolution. Whenever I go to the movies, I almost always see the same film. That’s why I’m so passionate about searching for new challenges, like the project I’m working on with Mexican filmmaker Carlos Reygadas”. Schrader, screenwriter for films like Taxi Driver, Obsession or The Last Temptation of Christ, and director of Blue Collar, Cat People or Mishima, is receiving the Time Machine Award tonight as a tribute to his life achievement. In addition, on Thursday 13th he will be meeting with fans, at one of the different master classes programmed by the Festival. 

More stars at Sitges 2016

The Italian cult filmmaker Ruggero Deodato, director of emblematic genre films like the controversial Cannibal Holocaust (1980), House on the Edge of the Park (1980) or Phantom of Death (1987), is receiving the Honorary María Award today at Sitges 2016, as a tribute to a life dedicated to horror and fantastic film. In addition, after almost twenty years without directing a film, Deodato arrives at the Festival to present his latest work, offered at a special screening in the Official Fantastic Selection, Ballad in Blood, a film where the director shows his excellent shape regardless of being almost 80 years old. 

More talents on the red carpet today at Sitges 2016. The crew from the Catalan-American co-production Pet, included in the in competition Official Selection, presented the film this afternoon at the Festival. Director Carles Torrens, accompanied by actor Dominic Monaghan and actress Ksenia Solo, were the stars of today’s red carpet red carpet and presented the film to the enthusiastic audience at the Meliá Sitges Auditori. Pet, a horror movie that asks us how far we are willing to go for the person we love, is presented as an intense psycho thriller that covers subjects like identity and loneliness.   

Also presented in the Òrbita section among all the screenings on the Festival’s fifth day was the American crime thriller Let me Make you a Martyr, attended by its directors Corey Asraf and John Swab. 

The Sitges Film Festival supports fantastic literature

For the past three years, The Sitges Film Festival de Sitges hosts the presentation of the most important award in Spanish language literature, the Minotauro Award. In the words of Ángel Sala, this morning at the press conference, “we are interested and pleased that the Festival can create a brotherhood between literature and cinema, and even more so hosting the presentation of an award like the one from the Minotauro publishing company with so many years of tradition; it’s something that fills us with pride and that is very welcomed”. This year award, which was presented this afternoon, went to the novel Los últimos años de la magia (The Final Years of Magic), written by José Antonio Fideu, who dedicated it to his father because, according to him, “he was the person who instilled a love of books and reading in me”. Moreover, Marcela Serras, editorial director of Minotauro, thanked the Sitges Film Festival for hosting the award and pointed out that “I couldn’t possibly think of a better time or place to do it, plus at our publishing company, we love to experience the magic lived at Sitges these days”. 

And continuing with the publishing world, this afternoon was also the presentation of dioses y monstruos. Historias de cine y vida (Gods and Monsters. Stories of Cinema and Life), a book written by the man who was the director of the Sitges Film Festival for a decade, Joan Lluís Goas. The book describes a series of memories and impressions about producers, actors and directors who attended Sitges back when Goas was in charge of the Festival. 


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