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Bruce Campbell & Rob Zombie thrill Sitges fans



Star Trek Day and the Blood Red Carpet take Trekkie culture and new talents to the front page of the Festival 

It looks like Sitges 2016’s red carpet has no end in sight. When fans still conserve Max von Sydow’s passage in their retinas, stars are continuing to cross through the entrance of the Meliá Hotel Sitges. Bruce Campbell was welcomed today with a standing ovation, at the same time that Walter Koenig received the Time Machine Award in the Auditori, and just moments before director and musician Rob Zombie and actress Sheri Moon –who will be presenting 31 this evening– packed a totally passionate press room

“Yes... yes....yes”. With these monosyllables, the eagerly awaited Bruce Campbell entered the press conference. A packed room that received him with a loud standing ovation. The American actor, who has been in Sitges three times thanks to the Evil Dead saga, admitted that it’s the fans who have given life to the character of Ash: “I’ve played a cowboy, a bank robber, I’ve cut my hair… but the fans always keep asking me about Evil Dead, so I decided to return to the character with the series Ash vs Evil Dead”. The actor, who was brimming with geniality and friendliness all throughout his encounter with the press, has a very tight schedule in Sitges. Tomorrow, Thursday (23:00) he will receive the Time Machine Award and on Friday he will sing autogrhaps for the fans (18h), and will be the star of a master class (18:45) and will present My name is Bruce at the Brigadoon venue (21:00). “Evil Dead was prohibited in more than seven different countries, in Germany it couldn’t be seen until about a year ago, because of that belief that horror is a minor genre; now it has become a respected genre and is considered one of the best forms of entertainment”, the legendary actor pointed out. 

Today in the Official Fantàstic Selection 31 was presented in a special screening, the latest production from cult director Rob Zombie who, along with the film’s leading lady –and his wife in real life– Sheri Moon, attended the press conference. “31 is based on a very, very simple idea: humans hunting humans”, stated the director. On the other hand, Sheri Moon commented that she is very lucky “to be able to play roles of strong women with an attitude and not just mere victims; for me, every project is a challenge”. Rob Zombie, the famous musician and director of genre films like The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween The Lords of Salem –which was presented in Sitges in 2012–, pointed out that “I’ve always loved horror movies, since I was a little kid, and that’s how I see the life that I create later on in my films, even though the reality is much worse”. 

Today was also the day for the Catalan production Pet, directed by Carles Torrens, who explained the details of the coincidences that finally led him to obtain the screenplay to this film and be able to rely on Dominic Monaghan and Ksenia Solo as the lead actors. “The screenplay to Pet had been in circulation for five years, and I came across it as a result of my film Emergo. It belonged to MGM and thanks to the producers of The Orphanage I was able to get the rights to it”, commented Torrens, who also added that “I didn’t have any money from a studio to be able to shoot it, so I had to do it independently, and that’s when I found out that it had originally been written for actor Dominic Monaghan and that he had developed his own character himself”. The actor of German origin insisted that for him the story “is actually a love story”. 

Other young people who enjoyed a special center stage today were the people from the Blood Red Carpet, Sitges platform that is committed to new talents. Participating in it were actors and actresses Jorge Suquet, Miki Esparbé, Àlex Maruny, Melina Mathews, Olivia Delcán and Miranda Gas; and directors Emiliano Rocha, Víctor Dryere and Raúl Cerezo. 

Star Trek Day

Live long and prosper. Today is Star Trek Day in Sitges. This morning, Walter Koenig, the actor who gave life to the character of Chekov in the original series and subsequent films in this saga, was touched as he picked up the Time Machine Award. After which Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition was screened, the piece directed by Robert Wise that, in 1979, gave rise to a whole universe governed by the harmony of the different races inhabiting the galaxy. 

And while the applause could be still be heard in the Auditori, and the first drops of rain reached the place where it (almost) never rains, the conveniently outfitted members of the Club Star Trek took a Trekkie walk around the streets of Sitges and visited the commemorative exhibitions presented at the Maricel Palace and the Miramar Building. 

In addition, this afternoon actor Walter Koening, along with David Fein, producer of the director’s cut of Star Trek The Motion Picture, offered a master class filling the Trekkie galaxy with information, anecdotes and excitement. 


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