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Dolph Lundgren receives the Time Machine Award and is the Star of Action Night



Rodrigo Sorogoyen, accompanied by actors Antonio de la Torre, Roberto Álamo and Javier Pereira, present ‘Que Dios nos perdone’ today at the Festival 

Dolph Lundgren is back in Sitges. He was here for the first time in 1992, the same year the Auditori was inaugurated, to present Universal Soldier, and now he’s back again in 2016 with his new film Don’t Kill It and to receive the Time Machine Award. Tomorrow the Festival will announce the list of award winners at a press conference that can also be followed live via Festival TV starting at 12:30. The closing gala ceremony, tomorrow at 19:45, will be opening the way for the start of the 50th Sitges Film Festival, which will be revolving around several focal points, one of which will be Dracula, as confirmed today by Ángel Sala.

Dolph Lundgren is the star of the entertaining Action Night that is taking place this evening in the Meliá Sitges Auditori where he will receive the Time Machine Award and present, Don’t Kill It, an amusing story directed by Mike Mendez where he plays a demon hunter. This morning, both actor and director attended a press conference to present the film. Lundgren was very excited about his character: “It was so great to read the screenplay; I finally found an interesting project where I could bring to life a character that was different from the ones I had played before”. Meanwhile, Mike Mendez, known by fans for directing films like The Convent or Big Ass Spider –screened at the Festival in 2013-, pointed out that “we were lucky to be able to rely on Dolph Lundgren; it’s not easy to find heroes in a horror movie, and having him was a true gift”. 

The crew from the film Que Dios nos perdone was the other main feature on the red carpet Sitges 2016’s eighth day. Its director, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, accompanied by actors Antonio de la Torre, Roberto Álamo and Javier Pereira, plus producers Gerardo Herrero and Marieta Besuievsly, presented this film that is a part of the Festival Official Fantàstic Selection at a special screening. Director Rodrigo Sorogoyen referred to the documentation process he followed to lend more realism to the film, which “was comprehensive both before having the written screenplay and during filming; we relied on the experience of different policemen who helped us a lot with the final construction of the screenplay”. In this respect, Antonio de la Torre commented on “how much we were helped by a commissioner from Murcia who works in the Sevillian capital”. The press conference was very amusing, with continual joking among the members of the crew and a very clear premise: “We’re not really talking about the movie at all, so it’ll be easy not to drop any spoilers”, commented actor Antonio de la Torre among the laughter all those attending. 

Today’s screenings, besides the two abovementioned titles –Que Dios nos perdone and Don’t Kill It– , included two important sources of interest: the movie The Neon Demon, a descent into the infernos of the fashion world proposed by Nicolas Winding Refnl, and the Korean production Tunnel, a claustrophobic film that has attracted more than 7 million spectators in South Korea. 

Master classes and other stars of the day 

In Sitges, the subject of time is not a problem. There’s time for everything. A spectator can enjoy a good film and, soon afterwards, attend a master class. Today there were two, both given by big stars from the cinematic universe. This morning, Christopher Walken offered a genuine lesson in film in front of an audience that listed to him without missing a single detail in the Noray Marquee at the Hotel Meliá Sitges; while at the afternoon session, it was Bruce Campbell who entertained all those attending in the Tramuntana Room with his good humor and charm. 

And the Sitges 2016 marathons:

MARATÓ AUDITORI - MATÍ - inici 9.30h | final 14.51

Midnight Special

Seoul Station


MARATÓ AUDITORI - TARDA - inici 15.30h | final 00.28h

Voyage of Time

Hell or High Water

Train to Busan

Melanie. The Girl With All The Gifts

The Neon Demon 

MARATÓ RETIRO - MATÍ - inici 9.30h | final 14.44h

The Stakelander

The Age of Shadows

Safe Neighborhood 

MARATÓ RETIRO - TARDA - inici 15.30h | final 1.00h

El extraño (The Wailling)

La autopsia de Jane Doe (The Autopsy of Jane Doe)

Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot

The Greasy Strangler


MARATÓ PRADO - MATÍ - inici 10.30h | final 15.03h

The Void



MARATÓ PRADO - TARDA - inici 15.30h | final 00.02h

Your Name

Psycho Raman

Under the Shadow

I Am Not a Serial Killer


MARATÓ TRAMUNTANA - MATÍ - inici 10.30h | final 14.57h

Blood Room



The Clockmakers Dream

Dawn of the Deaf




Une Tete Disparait


Nuestra amiga la luna


MARATÓ TRAMUNTANA - TARDA - inici 15.30h | final 00.37h

Herederos de la bestia

The Lure

The Eyes Of My Mother

The Mermaid

David Lynch: The Art Life

Assassination Classroom – Graduation


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