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Sitges opens a window onto Buenos Aires



The Festival organizes a Film Showcase as a part of Ventana Sur in the Argentinean capital

Sitges leaves the Mediterranean a few days to cross the Atlantic and to be present in Buenos Aires, on the occasion of Ventana Sur, the renowned and emerging Latin American film market that brings together more than 2,000 professionals from the audiovisual industry every year. The Sitges Film Festival’s first film showcase in Buenos Aires to be held next weekend with a lineup of three screenings with the Sitges label and the Festival’s own presence. Sitges is the second festival after Cannes to open a space at Ventana Sur in the Argentinean capital.

The Sitges film showcase in Buenos Aires has programmed three screenings of films screened at Sitges 2016: Swiss Army Man (by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert), winner of the Award for Best Feature Length Film; Que Dios Nos Perdone (by Rodrigo Sorogoyen), and Herederos de la Bestia (by Diego López and David Pizarro). The screenings will be open to the public and held at the Gaumont Theater in Buenos Aires. At the same time, the Sitges Festival will also be present at the Argentinean National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisuals Arts (INCAA), with the goal of bringing the Festival closer to the Argentinean public and Latin American professionals attending Ventana Sur.

The Sitges Film Festival Film Showcase in Buenos Aires is a joint initiative between the Festival itself, the INCAA and Blood Window, the platform to promote Latin American fantastic genre talent that the Sitges Festival has been participating in for three years. The Film Showcase is born after the alliance designed between Sitges and Blood Window has acquired increasingly more body and presence, making it possible to envision the growing role of Latin American fantastic film. Blood Window operates in Sitges as a cross-sectional label, accompanying the Latin American genre productions programmed by the Festival. For the past three years, the Festival has incorporated the Blood Window Award in its catalogue of prizes, and this year it was won by 1974 (directed by Víctor Dryere) and the two previous years Los Parecidos (by Isaac Ezban, in 2015) and The Stranger (by Guillermo Amoedo, in 2014).

The alliance between Blood Window and the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia was already present at the 2014 Cannes Festival, when Sitges sponsored one of the five Blood Window Midnight Gala screenings held at the emblematic French festival. On that occasion, the film Sitges screened was Capa Caída, by Santiago Alvarado, which had won the Noves Visions Experimenta Award at Sitges 2013.


PHOTO 1: Ventana Sur headquarters, the main fantastic film market in Latin America
PHOTO 2: Meeting place for professionals at Ventana Sur
PHOTO 3: Swiss Army Man, winner of the Award for Best Feature Length Film at Sitges 2016 and one of the films from Sitges’ lineup in Buenos Aires


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