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Sitges rolls out the red carpet for series



The Festival presents ‘La Zona’, produced by Movistar +, and pays tribute to actor Vincent Price

Series are cinema now. And that’s why they require the same staging and attention that the most eagerly awaited movies get. Today, Sitges rolled out the red carpet for La Zona, the long awaited production from Movistar +, which was presented in Sitges with a top level cast and that has become the first series to enter the Melià Auditori. In addition, Victoria Price, daughter of the legendary American actor Vincent Price, received the Time Machine, an award with which Sitges wanted to pay tribute to the actor’s fantastic career. The day was completed with the screening of the production Matar a Dios, the Sitges Coming Soon sessions –which included the presentation of Baby, a new project by filmmaker Juanma Bajo Ulloa– and with a master class on special effects by Fèlix Bergés, supervisor of visual effects for Cold Skin.

Four years ago now, the Festival created the Serial Sitges section in order to channel a TV phenomenon that was acquiring more and more magnitude and fans. Serial Sitges is the window that the Festival opens for the presentation and programming of genre series, Today Serial Sitges entered the Meliá Sitges Auditori hand in hand with the eagerly awaited production La Zona, the new audiovisual project produced by Movistar + and that was attended by its directors, brothers Jorge and Alberto Sánchez-Cabezudo, along with an impressive group of actors: Eduard Fernández, Carlos Bardem, Juan Echanove, Alexandra Jiménez, Emma Suárez and Alba Galocha. The series kicks off with the appearance of a man who has been brutally murdered in the Exclusion Zone, where a nuclear reactor accident had taken place years ago. This event comes with an investigation that will question the new order established in the word following the catastrophe.

Legendary actor Vincent Price will now be linked to the history of the Sitges Festival forever. His life achievement was acknowledged with the Time Machine Award, which was picked up by his daughter Victoria today in the Meliá Auditori. The career of the actor born in St. Louis in 1911, which stretches out over half a century with more than 200 titles, includes legendary fantastic works like The Fly, House of Usher, The Masque of the Red Death or Eduard Scissorhands, where he collaborated with director Tim Burton –fan of the actor to whom he dedicated his animation piece Vincent, in 1982­–.

After savoring success in 2014 with the short Nada S.A., winner of diverse international awards, today Catalan filmmakers Caye Casas and Albert Pintó presented their debut feature film at the Festival, Matar a Dios, a surreal black comedy starring Boris Ruiz, Itziar Castro and David Pareja, who accompanied the two directors and producer Norbert Llaràs, at the film’s presentation. In the words of Albert Pintó, Matar a Dios “is an irreverent and salvage black comedy, that starts out with humor to trap the audience, but little by little it grows darker”. The cinematic chronicle was completed with the screening of two Japanese films competing in the Official Selection: the spectacular Blade of the Immortal, by Takashi Miike, and Before We Vanish, the science fiction film shot by the internationally renowned Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa.

The day continued with three activities dedicated to the industry. This morning, the special effects crew from Cold Skin, headed by Fèlix Bergés –who was accompanied by David Esteve and Laura Pedro– revealed a part of the visual work hidden away in a film where “more than 1,000 effects shots” were used, and that, according to Bergés’ words, “have helped to make the movie come true, after more than twelve years”. The afternoon was dedicated to the traditional Sitges Coming Soon, where Basque filmmaker Juanma Bajo Ulloa –remembered for his magnificent debut feature, Butterfly Wings–, presented his new project, Baby. To bring the day to a close, the award winning actors and directors in the Blood Red Carpet –among which are Andrés Goteira, Bruna Cusí and Jaume Umed–, participated in the One-to-One encounter organized by the Sitges Film Hub. 


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