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The Hollywood Academy declares Sitges to be a festival qualified to present its award-winning shorts for the Academy awards
The Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia has been declared by the Hollywood Academy to be a “qualified festival” to be able to present the award-winning shorts from its official and animation categories as candidates for the Academy Awards ®.
Last week... + info

The International Fantastic Film Sitges Festival of Catalonia closes with Ti West´s ´The Sacrament´
The closing gala with the awards ceremony and the screening of The Sacrament by Ti West closes the 46th Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. Borgman was the movie chosen as best feature film in the In Competition Official Selection, and Big Bad... + info

´Borgman´ best film of the Secció Oficial Sitges 2013 Awards
The awards list for the Sitges – International Fantastic Film of Catalonia was published today. Borgman, by Alex van Warmerdam, was the winning film at an edition that has given prizes to many diverse productions. The award for best direction went to Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshales for the... + info

Takashi Miike is welcomed with a standing ovation in the master class he offered at the Festival and where the book dedicated to him by the Festival was also presented
The prolific Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike said that he felt truly moved by his welcome at the Festival. The session also was put to good use to present the book Sitges dedicated to him this year. The director receives the Festival’s honorary award and, in addition to Shield of Straw and... + info

Alejandro Jodorowsky and Takashi Miike return to Sitges to present their latest films
Takashi Miike and Alejandro Jodorowsky, leading figures that have a special connection with Festival, arrive in Sitges for the screenings of their latest work. In addition, Jodorowsky's Dune, the documentary by Frank Pavich about the Chilean filmmaker, artist and psycho-magician’s unsuccessful... + info

Sitges commemorates the 30th anniversary of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Once again the force is with the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, that will be screening Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the movie, a commercial science fiction milestone. The screening will be done along with... + info

Juan Cavestany defends a cinema of ideas in Sitges with ´Gente en sitios´
Juan Cavestany arrives in Sitges to present Gente en Sitios. The director stated that this chorale film aims to be a recognition, more than of cinema made with little resources, of a cinema of ideas, “intellectual in the best sense of the word”. The filmmaker is accompanied, this... + info

Álex de la Iglesia is enthusiastically welcomed in Sitges and maintains, agreeing with Àngel Sala, that the film industry must give consumers more options
Álex de la Iglesia was welcomed warmly and enthusiastically in Sitges, where he said that he feels at home. The famous director highlighted the interest of a festival dedicated to genre cinema, something that causes it to have a very special audience, and explained the keys of the genre codes... + info

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