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Film entry period for Sitges 2016 is now open
The entry period for feature length and short films for the 49th Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is now open. Production Companies, distribution companies and directors can present their films, which will be judged by the Festival Selection Committee.
The... + info

The big screen receives an avalanche of Sitges premieres
Over twenty different films that were screened at last year’s Festival have reached premiere theaters
Over the last few months, movie theaters have premiered more than twenty films screened as part of the lineup at the Festival the last two years. Major productions and low cost pieces,... + info

The spirit of Sitges passes over Phenomena
‘Bone Tomahawk’ and ‘We are Still Here’ are the proposals that can be seen this month at the Sitges Highlights screenings
During the month of March, Phenomena Experience includes two titles from Sitges 2015 in its lineup. These are Bone Tomahawk, a cannibalistic... + info

The Sitges Film Festival increases ticket sales numbers and chalks up more spectators
Sales revenue increases 23.1% compared to 2014
The 48th Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia substantially increased its figures corresponding to ticket sales and number of spectators in comparison to last year. According to the data compiled up until the end of... + info

'Into the Forest' says goodbye to a Festival committed to fantastic genre
The Hotel Avenida Sofía is featured in a Serial Sitges marathon, with the screening of famous TV series like ‘Fargo’, ‘Les revenants’ or ‘The Knick’
The Canadian film Into the Forest ha closed an intense 48th Sitges – International Fantastic... + info

'The Invitation' is proclaimed the winner of Sitges 2015
‘The final girls’ picks up two prizes: the Special Jury Award and the Award for Best Screenplay
The Invitation, directed by Karyn Kusama, picked up the Award for Best Feature Film in the Sitges 2015 Official Fantàstic Selection. At the press conference to present this... + info

Sitges brings together a sample of the most eclectic fantastic genre
Takashi Miike presented his latest two films and offered a master class for Sitges Campus students
Day 8 at the Film Festival plunged directly in diverse genres and themes revolving around the fantastic genre. Auteur cinema, documentaries, TV series, thrillers, intimate expressions and... + info

The Festival prescribes a good dose of horror and powerful emotions
Takashi Miike has arrived in Sitges today and tomorrow will be presenting both of his in-competition films
The extreme violence of Green Room, the brutal horror in The Devil’s Candy, the supernatural presence in Demon or the bloody game proposed by Ludo, among others, offered Festival... + info

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