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13:00 Presentation of the book: A Monster Calls: El arte de la película y la visión de sus autores by Desirée de Fez. Presented and written by journalist and film critic Desirée de Fez, who followed all the project’s stages from up close. The book includes interviews with the crew members, as well as comprehensive reports on different stages of the film. J.A. Bayona will be attending.


12:00 DVD / Bluray Presentation: ¡Bruja, más que bruja! Talk-presentation about the DVD and BLU-RAY edition of the film “¡Bruja, más que bruja!”, and actors Fernando Fernán-Gómez and Emma Cohen.

13:00 Presentation of the Book: Richard Matheson: El maestro de la paranoia. Una retrospectiva completa.. A complete retrospective of the work of a giant. The bibliography and filmography of Richard Matheson, modern master of all genres have many faces, and every one of them has left us with stories that have been recorded to fire in our unconscious. Matheson was the architect of countless hidden cultural icons and rabidly modern narrative strategies.

16:00 Round Table Discussion: "De Metropolis a Mad Max. Mujeres rompedoras en el cine fantástico y de ciencia ficción". Presented by Francine Raveney from EWA Network. Round Table moderated by: Shelagh Rowan-Legg (critic and film director), with the participation of Evrim Ersoy from the Fantastic Fest, among others. Following there will be a Q&A with the audience.

18:00 Presentation of the book: Fargo, una historia real by Carmen Viñolo. The Coen brother’s most iconic film is a classic today. And its free adaptation for television, the big surprise of 2014. The essay Fargo. Una història real travels through these two parallel worlds. Fifteen chapters that piece together a puzzle and answer a question: "What is Fargo?".

19:00 DVD Presentation: Fist of Jesus by David Muñoz. Presentation of the DVD with the new videos of Fist of Jesus and the compilations of shorts by Eskoria Films and David Muñoz, attended by their authors and Jesús (Marc Velasco) himself.


11:00 Presentation of Sitges 2016’s official books: Dónde nadie ha llegado antes (Star Trek) and Red Planet Marx. La conquista soviética del espacio.

12:00 Presentation of new DVD/Bluray arrivals: La Aventura y Vial of Delicatessens. Presentation of the new genre arrivals from the La Aventura and Vial of Delicatessens distribution companies for this fall, with titles like Baskin, Deathgasm, Southbound or Daimon and others presented previous years at the Sitges Film Festival.

16:00 Presentation of the book: Songokumania: El big bang del Manga. Presentation of the new book by Oriol Estrada, author; JR Armadas, editor and Marc Bernabé, translator. The publication explains anecdotes by different witnesses who experienced the Dragon Ball phenomenon firsthand.

17:00 Presentation of the book: Scrapbook: De Narciso Ibáñez Menta a Narciso Ibáñez Serrador by Gustarvo Leonel Mendoza. The book graphically shows the admiration deserved by the indelible work by these two legends of the best cinema, theater and television, made both in Argentina and Spain.

18:00 Presentation of the comic "75 aniversario de Wonder Woman". Attended by the illustrator Juan Albarrán and Gustavo Martínez, editor for DC at ECC Ediciones. Presented by Jordi Ojeda.

19:00 Presentation of new arrivals from CineAsia. Presentation of the books: "(De) construyendo a Apitchapong Weerasethakul", "FantAsia" and Anuario CineAsia Vol .1. During the act the new CineAsia 2016-2017 will also be presented: CineAsia at Phenomena, CineAsia collaborates with Screenly and the presentation of the Anuari CineAsia Vol. 2.


18:00 Presentation of the book: El Libro de Satán. Todo sobre el culto al Diablo by Carlos Aguilar and Frank G Rubio. Journalists and writers Carlos Aguilar and Frank G. Rubio propose a journey through the main fantasies, dogmas, traditions and urban legends related to the Devil.

19:00 Presentation of the book: Kaiju! Cuaderno de Campo del Festival Nits de Cinema Orienta de Vic and Tyrannosaurus Books. “Kaiju! Quadern de camp” proposes a different approach to the legendary monster movies and focuses on the real heroes: the beasts. Author Eduard Terrades Vicens, the coordinator Domingo López and the illustrator Carles Gañarul have created extensive files that delve into the particular world of a dozen monsters.


11:00 Presentation of the Frikitrip Travel Agency. Frikitrip is an agency that was born to satisfy the travelling tastes, desires and yearnings of the universe of the big film and series fans who feel their hobbies as a way of being and of existing in the world.

12:00 Presentation of the fantasy novel Los últimos años de la magia, by José Antonio Fideu, winner of the 2016 Minotauro Award. This work is an exciting story that brings together a sense of travel and adventure, where very famous, legendary characters appear, totally reinterpreted. “Los últimos años de la magia” has merited the unanimous vote of the Minotauro Award jury.

13:00 FIC-CAT Presentation, 10 years of cinema in Catalan. Presentation of the FIC-CAT, Costa Daurada International Festival of Cinema in Catalan, in Roda de Berà, the Catalan Country’s benchmark festival of cinema in Catalan.

17:00 Presentation of the book: Fotografiando a los monstruos. Un recorrido en imágenes por las criaturas del terrorAuthor Guillem Medina will be attending. Presented by Jordi Ojeda

18:00 Presentation of the book: Paul Verhoeven. Verhoeven jump in American cinema, represented a far adotzenament, confirmed his strong personality as a director, while harvested huge success with films such as RoboCop, Total Recall and Basic Instinct. Films never beyond provocation and an effort to break the rules would end up costing you dearly. This is the story of a trip back and forth a wild and maverick author. A sniper who fired from the same womb "blockbuster." A Flying Dutchman reminding us of the importance of questioning any certainty. Presentation Jordi Reverter

19:00 Presentation: ROS Film Festival. The Robotic Online Short Film Festival has been created at the first robotics-themed online short film festival. The ROS is being presented at Sitges 2016, where personalities from film and communication will debate on this subject.


16:00 Presentation of the book Cara a cara con Satanás. With Fray Juan Jose Gallego Salvador writer Teresa Matas Porqueres Square and Alexandra and publishing Annabel Encounters.

18:00 Presentation of the book: "Rob Zombie: El renegado del diablo". Presentation of the book by the author Ivan Allué Montilla. The book reviews the entire career of the director and musician, Rob Zombie, since he started with White Zombie, in 1985, including a comprehensive analysis of all his work.

19:00 Presentation of the book: Los semblantes del Fantaterror, by Carlos Benítez. In this volume, Carlos Benítez brings together a large number of interviews and articles with Spanish horror movies as a common thread.


17:00 Master class: How to make movies without going to jail. Master Class by Antonio Dyaz, producer, filmmaker and professor at the FX ANIMATION school with just one goal: to manage to make movies with limited resources... without them looking like that’s the case.

18:00 Presentation of the book: Terror en el museo de cera by Víctor Matellano. A journey through the relationship between wax museums and horror, with a special emphasis on film, including the unreleased screenplay of the incomplete film by Paul Naschy, "Horror al museu de cera" as well as illustrations by Azpiri.

19:00 Presentation of the book: The Spanish Fantastic: Contemporary Filmmaking in Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi by Shelagh Rowan-Legg. Over recent decades, Spanish fantastic genre has been at the forefront of genre film. Through an examination of key films and producers, Shelagh Rowan-Legg investigates the appearance of this new and unique wave, and how the visual  tropes, savage narratives and other imaginative worlds inherent in an increasingly more influential cinematic field have been recycled and renovated.


12:00 Presentation of the comic: Deadpool. La noche de la masacre viviente. Marvel author, Ramon Rosanes, and the editorial director of Panini Cómics will be attending. Presented by Jordi Ojeda.

13:00 Application Presentation: Artistic Island. Bernat Saumell presents this application that works as a networking tool for the audiovisual and artistic sector, as a cultural agenda for the user him or herself and a dynamic cultural tourism element.



An exhibit revolving around the Star Trek universe that will delight the fans of this great saga, where you can see props, scale models, costumes, autographs, merchandise, posters, etc… from close up. A collection of unique pieces belonging to private collections, organized and catalogued by the Club Star Trek Spain and with visual art direction by Mo Caró Artist.

From 6 to 16 October in the Maricel Palace. 
Friday 7, Saturday 8, Sunday 9, Wednesday 12, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 from 11:00 to 19:00. Closed Monday 10.
Tuesday 11, Thursday 13 and Friday 14 from 16:00 to 19:00. Free admission.


An art exhibit that pays tribute to the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. Cartoonists, illustrators, designers, caricaturists and make-up specialists from around Spain will be the main players of this galaxy, which is being displayed for the general public for the first time thanks to the initiative of the Club Star Trek Spain and the great collaboration of artist Mo Caró, bringing together so much talent.

From 6 to 16 October in the Miramar Building. 
Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 15:00 and 18:00 to 20:00. 
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 11:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 21:00. Free admission.


On the occasion of the visit from musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie at the Festival, 16 illustrators connected to film have made posters based on the author’s images. A comic lover, and also an illustrator, The vault of Rob Zombie: A comic Tribute" is a graphic tribute to his eclectic career. Coordinated by Borja Crespo, the exhibit brings together art by renowned artists and new talents like M. A. Martín, David Rubín, Manuel Bartual, Koldo Serra, Luis Bustos, Mamen Moreu... among others.

From 7 to 16 October at the Auditori Meliá Sitges exit. Valid for spectators. Free admission.




16:15 Star Trek Master Class. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, Sitges Clàssics rediscovers the film Star Trek The Motion Picture - Director’s Edition, plus Sitges 2016 is holding a master class by David Fein, producer of the director’s cut of Star Trek The Motion Picture, Mark Altman, producer, essayist and film critic specializing in Star Trek and the great Walter Koening, who played the role of Chekov in the original series and the subsequent movies.

18:15 Rob Zombie & Sheri Moon Master Class. A Master Class by the Master of Horror movies Rob Zombie, considered to be one of the most illustrious directors of his generation, and Sheri Moon, wife and lead actress in her husband’s films. Zombie is considered to be the heir of the most stifling cinema of the decade of the seventies. With Tobe Hooper or Sam Peckinpah as direct models, Rob Zombie stands out for his direct and personal style, which currently positions him as the benchmark filmmaker for the Festival’s audience.


18:45 Bruce Campbell Master Class. A Master Class by Bruce Campbell, the actor known for starring in the three Evil Dead movies by Sam Raimi and the series based on this famous horror saga.


15:15 Final Fantasy XXV Master Class. A Master Class by the directors of the Square Enix studio, creators of the Japanese saga of films and video games Final Fantasy. Following the master class, the latest film from the Kingsglaive series will be screened: Final Fantasy Xv (English version).



16:00 h Clase Magistral Paul Schrader. Clase Magistral del director y guionista Paul Schrader, que este año presenta último trabajo Dog eat Dog a la Secció Oficial del Sitges 2016. Schrader es responsable de guiones de grandes clásicos como Taxi Driver, Toro Salvaje y American Gigoló entre otros.


10:00 h Classe Magistral Christopher Walken. Clase Magistral del actor y Gran Premio Honorífico de Sitges 2016 Christopher Walken, que ha trabajado en filmes tan emblemáticos como El Cazador, La zona Muerta y Pulp Fiction entre otros.

Cinema a la fresca (Hort de Can Falç)

Free entrance


20 h Dragon Ball Z. La resurrecció de F (CAT) 100' 
22 h Miss Hokusai (SPA) 90'


20 h La noia que saltava a través del temps (CAT). 100' 
22 h Ring (SPA) 95'


20 h Friends: Aventura a l'illa dels monstres (CAT) 90'
22 h SPL2. El despertar de los dragones (SPA) 120'


20 h El jardín de las palabras (SPA) 55' 
22 h Evangelion 3.33 (CAT) 95'


20 h Doraemon Stand by Me (CAT) 95' 
22 h Colorful (CAT) 127' 



12.30h Auditori. A Monster Calls. Amb J.A. Bayona (director) i Belén Atienza (productora).


22.25h Prado. La propera pell.


00.20h Prado. Under the Shadow. Amb Lucan Toh (productor).
16.10h Prado. El cor del pi negre. Amb Jaume Pujadas (director).
17.45h Retiro. Beyond the Gates. Amb Jackson Stewart (director), Brea Grant (actriu) , Chioke Nassor i Barbara Crampton (actriu).
18.20h Prado. We Are Not Cats. Amb Xander Robin (director), Joshua Sobel (productor) i Tom Davia.
20.25h Prado. Vestigis. Amb Ivan Morillo (director) i Tomas Spieker (productor).


19.50h Prado. The Transfiguration.


21.35h Retiro. Herederos de la bestia. Amb Paco Plaza (director).


11.30h Retiro. Phantasm Ravager. Amb Don i Andrew Coscarello (director), Rocío Nava i Shelley Kay.
13.45h Prado. Revengeance. Amb Bill Plympton (director).
17.30h Retiro. Ballad in Blood. Amb Ruggero Deodato (director).
18.45h Prado. Salvación. Amb Denise Castro (director) i Daniel García (efectes especials).
22.45h Retiro. For the Love of Spock. Amb David Zappone (productor), Adam Nimoy (director) i Jeanna Barsamian.


15.20h Retiro. Bad Cat. Amb Ayse Ünal (director) i Mehmet Kurtulus.
17.30h Retiro. Bubba Ho-Tep. Amb Don i Andrew Coscarello (director), Rocío Nava, Shelley Kay i Bruce Campbell (actor).


12.30h Auditori. Dawn of the Dead - European Cut. Amb Nicolas Winding-Refn (director).
17.25h Retiro. The Master Cleanse. Bobby Miller (director) i Daron Nefcy.
21.20h Prado. Terrore nello Spazio. Amb Nicolas Winding-Refn (director).

Miramar space



19.00h Conference: 50 años de Star Trek


18h Conference: La ciencia en Star Trek

20 h Serielizados Late Show presenta: Masterclass Sci-Fi: L'Història de la Ciència Ficció en imatges per Carlo Padial i Òscar Broc. 10€ (Amb una cervesa cortesia de Moritz). Compra la teva entrada.

Samsung Sitges Cocoon

The exhibition agora virtual reality Festival audience about the content created in a visual and 360 ° immersive environment that the viewer can enjoy through the Samsung Gear VR technology. Samsung Sitges Cocoon offers, in addition, a selection of the best pieces of fantasy genre created with this technology and are delighting audiences around the world.

All sessions are free, take place in the room located outside the Auditorium and will be in V.O. without subtitles.

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