Sitges - 41ed. Festival Internacional de Catalunya (2/10 - 12/10)

List of winners

Oficial Fantàstic

Marina Anna Eich, Àlex Gorina, Umberto Lenzi, David Pirie, Fred Williamson

Best Motion Picture
Surveillance by Jennifer Lynch

Special Jury Award
Eden Lake by James Watkins

Best Director
Kim Jee-woon for The Good, The Bad, The Weird

Best Actor

Brian Cox for Red

Best Actress
Semra Turan for Fighter

Best Script
Alexis Alexiou for Tale 52

Best Cinematography
Angus Hudson for The Broken

Best Production Design
Tulé Peak for Blindness

Best Make Up FX
Bendit Lestang & Adrien Morot for Martyrs

Best Special Effects
Jung Do-Ahn for The Good, The Bad, The Weird

Best Original Soundtrack
Kenji Kawai for The Sky Crawlers

Best Short Film
Next Floor by Denis Villeneuve

Jury Special Mention to the Shortfilm
Centigrade by Collin Cunningham

Carnet Jove Jury

Albert Elduque, Cristina Álvarez, Manuel Bocero, Covadonga de la Cuesta, Sergio Morera

Best Motion Picture FANTÀSTIC
The Sky Crawlers by Mamoru Oshii
Vinyan by Fabrice du Welz

Best Motion Picture MIDNIGHT X-TREME
Encarnaçaô do Demônio by José Mojica Marins

Noves Visions SEAT

Velasco Broca, Guillermo Jure, Xavi Serra

Best Motion Picture
Los Bastardos by Amat Escalante

Special Mention
God's Puzzle by Takashi Miike

Non Fiction Motion Picture Diploma
Religulous by Larry Charles

Discovery Motion Picture Diploma
Ramírez by Albert Arizza

Premio Nova Autoria SGAE

Albert Espinosa, Albert Guinovart, Àngel Quintana, Roser Aguilar

Best Director
Dögg Mósesdóttir by Eyja

Best Screenplay
Dea Pompa by Restaurando a Héctor

Best Original Score

Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson & Örn Eldjàrn by Eyja

Orient Express - Casa Àsia

Todd Brown, Xavi Sánchez Pons, Carles Arenes

Best Motion Picture
The Chaser by Na Hong-jin

ANIMA'T –  Gertie Award

Todd Brown, Xavi Sánchez Pons, Carles Arenes

Best Animated Film
From Inside by John Bergin

Best Animated Short film
The facts in the case of Mr. Hollow by Rodrigo Gudiño & Vincent Marcone


Juanjo Lleó, Toni Benages, Jaime Quesada

Mejor cortometraje
La Victoria de Félix de Jordi Pastor & Albert Miró

Silver Méliès

Diego López, Zak Kadison, Javier Gutiérrez

Silver Méliès for Best European Motion Picture
Martyrs by Pascal Laugier

Silver Méliès Award for Best European Short Film
Afterville by Fabio Guaglione & Fabio Resinaro

Golden Méliès for Best European Motion Picture
Let the Right One In by Tomas Alfredson

Golden Méliès for Best European Short Film
Of Cats & Women by Jonas Govaerts

Other Awards

Best Motion Picture

Blindness by Fernando Meirelles

Critics Awards

Beatriz Martínez Gómez, Alejandro G. Calvo, Carlos Losilla

Jose Luis Guarner Critic Award
The Sky Crawlers by Mamoru Oshii

Citizen Kane Award to an up-and-coming director
Home Movie by Christopher Denham


Official Fantàstic Jury

North American actor, director and producer. He came to fame (and got his nickname, ‘The Hammer’) as a football player for the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs. His film career began with the television series ‘Julia’ and the movie MASH (Robert Altman, 1970). Black Caesar (73), Hell Up in Harlem (73) and Three the Hard Way (74) made him one of the best known action movie stars and he became a popular face in 1970 and 80’s Italian productions. Owner of Po’Boy Productions, we have been able to see him more recently in From Dusk Till Dawn (96) and Starsky & Hutch (04).


Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany), 1976. Actress, producer, and press agent. She studied dance at the Leipzig Opera’s Dance Academy and since the year 2000 she is in charge of marketing, distribution and international sales for the ‘wtp International’ production company. Her career as an actress began in 1994 and in 2000, after participating in the short film Zwang, she went on to become the muse of Roland Reber, filmmaker with which she worked in films like: The Room (2001), Pentamagica (2003), 24/7 The Passion of Life (2005) and My Dream or Loneliness Never Walks Alone (2007)


Barcelona, 1952. Sitges Film Festival Director for five years. He has been a film critic for Fotogramas, Catalunya Cultura, Catalunya Música and Guía del Ocio. He has done a great deal of his work at Catalunya Radio with programs like the broadcasting of the Hollywood Academy Awards (since 1984) or, especially La Finestra Indiscreta. He is the author of L’arxiu Secret d’Augustus Bloom (The Secret File of Augustus Bloom) and John Huston També Era Dona (John Huton was a Woman Too), was the host for the television shows Klaatu Barada Nikto and Nous Clàssics for C33 and TV3 and movie commentator on Jaume Figueras’s Cinema 3, among other programs.


Director, writer and screenwriter. Prolific like few others, the Italian filmmaker’s movie career would allow for writing an entire encyclopedia of B Movies. From adventure to war movies, from westerns to pepla and his outstanding incursions into detective movies, no genre seems to have escaped from a filmography that, of course, delved forcefully into the fantastique and offered us cult films like: Kriminal (66), Orgasm (68), Seven Blood-Stained Orchids (72), Spasmo (74), Eaten Alive! (80), Cannibal Ferox (81) and City of the Walking Dead (80).


British film critic, screenwriter and author. Outstanding among his novels is the acclaimed series starring a young Arthur Conan Doyle that he developed in The Patient’s Eyes, The Night Calls and The Dark Water. He is also the author of brilliant essays on the movie world like The Vampire Cinema and A New Heritage of Horror: The English Gothic Cinema. As a screenwriter he has been nominated for a BAFTA Award for his adaptation of The Woman in White (77), has worked on diverse television productions and collaborated on the films Element of Doubt (Christopher Morahan, 96) and Breaking the Waves (Lars Von Trier, 96).


Official Méliès Jury

DIEGO LÓPEZ - El Buque Maldito publisher
ZAK KADISON - Fox Atomic producer

Orient Express-Casa Àsia and Anima't Jury

TODD BROWN - Twitch publisher
XAVI SÁNCHEZ PONS - Mondosonoro critic

Official Noves Visions Jury


Nova Autoria Jury

ALBERT ESPINOSA - Screenwriter, director
ROSER AGUILAR - Director, screenwriter

Carnet Jove Jury



STANLEY KUBRICK Gran Premi Honorífic Sitges-Festival Internacional Cinema de Catalunya

The History of the Seventh Art has produced few filmmakers that we can unpatronizingly call true geniuses. Stanley Kubrick was one of them, in every sense of the word and with all its consequences. Meticulous, visionary and tenacious like few others, Kubrick left behind a work for posterity where it would be difficult to find a single lackluster segment or one that hasn’t become a milestone in whatever genre he touched. The American Film Institute continues to consider 2001: A Space Odyssey to be the best science fiction movie in history and places it in 15th place on its Top 100 list. You don’t have to believe them, his ‘ultimate trip’ has been, is, and will be a compulsory journey for generations and generations of spectators until the monolith finally tells us its secret and we happily become one with the stars. Movie science fiction would never have been the same without this infinite work and Sitges’08 celebrates its fortieth anniversary by offering him the Honorary Grand Prize, a humble token of our affection. 

Christiane Kubrick, Stanley Kubrick’s widow, will receive the award.

LINDA HARRISON Maria Honorífica Award

Immortalized thanks to her interpretation of Nova in the first two parts of Planet of the Apes (1968 and 1970) where, barely uttering a word, she became the icon of an entire era, Linda Harrison began her career as a model. After appearing in a few episodes of the series Batman, she took the leap to the big screen with comedies like Way... Way Out (1966) or A Guide for the Married Man (1967). After a few sabbatical years she returned to film with Airport 1975 (1974) listed as Augusta Summerland and once again alongside Charlton Heston. Later came the two parts of Cocoon (1985 and 1988), Wild Bill (1995) and, of course, a cameo in Tim Burton’s version of Planet of the Apes (2001).

OSÉ ANTONIO PÉREZ GINER Màquina del Temps Award

Producer. He began his activities in Madrid as a production assistant and later has produced over seventy films and other telemovies and series for television. He was the founder of Profilmes (the “Spanish Hammer”), Prozesa, Lola Films and Opalo Films, and also co-founder of Figaró Films and the Catalan Film Institute (ICC). In 1996 and 1997 he was production coordinator for the Filmax Group and is currently a shareholder and executive producer at the Els Quatre Gats Audiovisuals, S.L, and Plot Films production companies. His film career has won him numerous awards and in 2004 he received a tribute from the Catalonian Film Library.

LUIS MIÑARRO Maria Honorífica Award

Barcelona, 1949. Since 1995 Luis Miñarro’s hallmark, through his production company Eddie Saeta, has marked a large part of Spanish auteur cinema with films like Things I Never Told You (Isabel Coixet, 96), Where is Madame Catherine (Marc Recha, 03), In the City of Sylvia (José Luís Guerín, 07) or Liverpool (Lisandro Alonso, 08), which he has presented at festivals like Cannes, Locarno, Berlin or Venice. His knowledge of cinema lead him to write during a period of time for magazines like Destino or Dirigido Por and found the Arts i Mirador film forum. Birdsong by Albert Serra (08), presented at this year’s edition, is a perfect example of his idea of daring, politically committed cinema.

CHARLIE KAUFMAN Màquina del Temps Award

Screenwriter with a brilliant career, his first steps in film are intrinsically linked to the big leap from video clips to cinema taken by Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze. For the first he wrote Human Nature (2001) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004); for the second, Being John Malkovich (1999) and Adaptation (2002), where he doesn’t hesitate to question the orthodox canons of the movie screenplay and Robert McKee’s guidelines. He has worked in television and theater, where he created two sound-only pieces with Carter Burwell and the Coen Brother. Obsessed with creative processes and metalanguage, he has given expression to both these subjects in his directorial debut, Synecdoche, New York (2008).

NICHOLAS MEYER Màquina del Temps Award

Director and writer. Decanting between cinema and literature has been present since the beginning of his career: his first novel ‘The Love Story Story’ is based on his experience during the filming of Love Story (1970). Outstanding among his books is ‘The Seven Percent Solution’, from which he wrote the screenplay himself, and ‘The West-End’. He debuted as a director with Time After Time (1979) and moved around the field of science fiction with sequels two and four of Star Trek (1982 and 1991). As a screenwriter, he did outstanding adaptations of two novels by Philip Roth: The Human Stain (2003) and Elegy (2008).

ABEL FERRARA Màquina del Temps Award

The visceral quality of a film corpus that seems to have been born of vital necessity, a privacy that encourages rumors and a constant subject matter populated with characters that move along the edge of the abyss in search of an elusive rendition, have made Abel Ferrara one of the most unique and necessary filmmakers in North American cinema. Much less passionate about the lights than the penumbras of his eternal leading character, the Big Apple, for a long time now his career has been that of an acclaimed filmmaker who has managed to move back and forth between independence and the big studios without giving up an unquestionable freedom. Ferrara traveled the streets of New York, camera in hand, and has wound up paying tribute to one of its most emblematic buildings, the Chelsea Hotel. The shock is over but the filmmaker remains.

JOHN CARPENTER Màquina del Temps Award

It is said that he is frugal in words and humble in acknowledgements, but during his thirty four year career he has shared with us his phobias, his philias, his respect for the greats of the Seventh Art and his extreme passion for film genres. His predilection for fantasy and horror (often masking another of his great passions, the western) and, above all, his way of treating them have guaranteed him a place of honor in the fantasy film Olympus and from Dark Star (1974) to Pro-Life, the second gift he gave us in the Masters of Horror series (2007), on very rare occasions have we not welcomed a new work of his with the same joy that comes from receiving a letter from and old and dear friend. We are impatiently awaiting a new, B movie missive, headed with his first and last name.

LLOYD KAUFMAN Màquina del Temps Award

In the mid-eighties, a movie starring a green, radioactive mutant wielding a mop as a weapon of mass destruction became the first big hit from an independent production company in New York that wouldn’t take long to create its very own universe that was as eye-catching and zany as its creature’s. Thirty four years later, the Troma production company is still hard at it with over five hundred titles in their catalogue and Lloyd Kaufman, its co-founder along with his partner and friend Michael Herz, continues to be the plenipotentiary Tromatic ambassador. Sitges’08 can’t give up to opportunity to pay tribute to this restless filmmaker and producer, heir to Roger Corman’s independent tradition and the great William Castle’s sense of show.

Actes paral·lels

KING KONG EXPO Exhibition of solidarity to celebrate the 75th anniversary of King Kong

The fantasy film magazine Scifiworld will be organizing, as a part of the Sitges - International Film Festival of Catalonia and with the collaboration of Planeta D’Agostini and Norma Editorial publishing companies, a charity event to mark the 75th anniversary of King Kong that will be entitled "King Kong Solidario" (Supportive King Kong) and aimed at raising money for Médicos sin Fronteras (Spanish Doctors Without Borders). For this exhibition, different celebrities from the movie, illustration and comic worlds have donated an original autographed illustration depicting King Kong. The originals will be exhibited all throughout the Festival and will later be auctioned off on Ebay.


TEASERLAND The 1st International Fake Trailer Festival

The First International Fake Trailer Festival, directed by Xavi Bru, is a Vas a Ver and Acción Media project and will be presented during the Sitges - International Film Festival of Catalonia on Saturday October 4th. The prize, 30000 € for making a fake trailer of a movie that doesn't exist, will be handed out in January 2009 and the jury will be made up of Jaume Balagueró (movie director), Mirito Torreiro (movie critic), Gregorio Belinchón (movie journalist), Esther García (producer), Ángel Sala (director of the Sitges - International Film Festival of Catalonia) and Manel Vicaría (Vas a Ver).
For this first edition we have the privilege of collaborating with guest directors like Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza, J.A. Bayona, Isabel Coixet, Enrique Urbizu, Jose Corbacho, Juan Cruz, Jaime Rosales, Bill Plympton and Raúl García, to whom Sony has lent a camera for them to make their own out-of-competition trailers. At this presentation, besides the trailers sent in by participants, you can also see the premiere of the fake trailers made by the guest directors.



El cine de ciencia-ficción. Explorando mundos

El cine de ciencia-ficción. Explorando mundos (Science Fiction Movies. Exploring Worlds) is an approach to this genre characterized by its diversity of subjects and motifs, by the disparity of its philosophic and/or aesthetic reflections, by its wide variety of textures, of tones and of styles when arguing each exposition. This way the science-fiction fan can get a comprehensive, heterodox idea of what science-fiction cinema is and of how it operates on different plastic, psychological, social and mythological levels. But above all, El cine de ciencia-ficción. Explorando mundos is an essay that doesn’t renounce the pleasure principle as one of the essential foundations to develop any form of artistic expression. Science fiction cinema is culture, but also show; it is abstraction, speculation, confusion, and at the same time, excitement, fantasy, beauty.

Among the diverse texts that make up El cine de ciencia-ficción. Explorando mundos it is important to highlight the essays by classics like Susan Sontag, J.G. Ballard, Gérard Lenne, José María Latorre and John Moffit, as well as works written specifically for this book by Jesús Palacios, Jorge Gorostiza, Quim Casas, Pilar Pedraza, Tomás Fernández Valentí, Tonio L. Alarcon, Susanna Farré, Roberto Curti, Ramón Freixas and Joan Bassa, Antonio José Navarro and Ángel Sala.

El cine de ciencia-ficción. Explorando mundos, is published by Editorial Valdemar, in collaboration with the Sitges-International Film Festival of Catalonia and FANZINE (18th Fantasy Film Festival – Malaga University).

King Kong. 75 años después

This year is the 75th anniversary of the premiere of King Kong on March 2nd, 1933 in New York City. With the book King Kong, 75 años después (King Kong, 75 Years Later), its authors cover all the mythological and film-related aspects of this character all throughout his existence, dealing in depth with his cultural and social, political and psychological roots. King Kong, 75 años después carefully tackles each of the canonical films, giving the details of their production circumstances and the critical acceptance they had at the time. And, of course, it includes a brief run-through of this subject´s considerable exploit production, an aspect of the King Kong myth that had barely been dealt with until now. A myth whose popularity goes even beyond its movie realms, as proven by the enormous amount of comics, commercials, merchandising, quotes and television tributes.

King Kong, 75 años después includes texts by Román Gubern, Tomás Fernández Valentí, Ramón Freixas & Joan Bassa, Antonio José Navarro and Ángel Sala. It is a result of a co-publication from Valdemar Publishing Co. and the International Film Festival of Catalonia.


Ángel Sala

Caroline Meyden

Mike Hostench

Ángel Sala
Mike Hostench
Antonio José Navarro
Ricardo Reparaz
Jordi Sánchez-Navarro

Juanma Pastor

Ángel Sala
Jordi Sánchez-Navarro

Ángel Sala
Antonio José Navarro

Juanma Pastor

Antonio José Navarro

Maria Roig

Natàlia Rey-Joly
Maria Roig

Responsables: Lídia Gilabert i Pepa Cordero
Adjunt: Fric López

Cap: Eva “Caruso” Herrero
Responsable Marketing i Comunicació: Marina “Caruso” Queraltó
Responsable Premsa: Maria “Caruso” Castells
Adjunts: Isa "Caruso" Castells, Juan Pablo "Caruso" Oviedo, Pau "Caruso" Teixidor
Auxiliar: Júlia "Caruso" de Balle
Meritori: Alberto "Caruso" Jordán

Mila "Caruso" Rodríguez
Traductors: Gorka Ortiz de Zárate, Bricio Segovia, Paula Garuz, Estefanía Sort, Jiyoune Yun

Tere Vallbona

Cap Logística: Imma Serra
Cap RR.PP. i Protocol: Beatriu Solivellas
Adjuntes: Maria Alcázar, Anna Ibáñez, Anna Petrus

Alicia Reginato
Adjunt: Aram Garriga

Natalie Mierop

Po Yen Chang, Salvador Colom, Maria Fàtima Lópes, Jane Mason, Clara Matas, Marta Rodríguez, Haritz Zubía

Dani Arbonés
Adjunt: Adrià Villar
Conductors: Nigel Bjornberg, David Cordero, Oriol Franquesa, Dani Guerrero, Joan Marc Matas, Francesc Massaguer, Federico Peñalver, David Ramírez, Santiago Rodríguez i Raúl Soriano
Coordinador Voluntaris: Vicente Campillo
Adjunta: Patricia Luna

Ricardo Gil

Moviola Produccions
La Chula Productions

Cap: Josep "Gari" Gràcia
Adjunt: Pere Milán

Joan Carles Alegre
Adjunt: Axel Neumann

Guille García
Auxiliar: Hamid Al-Meshhedani

Xavier Montaner

Auditori: Ciscu Santgenís
El Prado: Arnau Orobitg
Adjunt Prado: Toni Tudela
El Retiro: Inmaculada Lanuza
Adjunt Retiro: Genís Hernández
Sala Tramuntana: Ramon Artigas
Brigadoon: Sonia Pérez

Auditori: Ignacio Fernández, Diego Giménez, Adrián Gómez
El Prado :Francesc Piqué
El Retiro: Mercè Garcia
Sala Tramuntana: Cesare Aceti

Cap: Ricardo Reparaz
Adjunta: Violeta Kovacsics
Documentació: Lídia Thomas
Redactors: Héctor Castells, Lídia Thomas, Manuel Yáñez
Il·lustrador: Guillem Dols


Disseny Gràfic Especial "El Periódico" i Diari del Festival
Estudio Fénix

Miguel Ángel Chazo, Jesús Paris

Antonio José Navarro

Cap: Natàlia Rey-Joly

Armaine Ichón
Auxiliars de Taquilles: Sònia Armengol, Laia Fíguls, Laura Guerrero, Laura Jorge, Maider Luna, Camilla Mantovani, María Villanueva, Edel Muda, Mª Lluïsa Olea, Manuel Rubies

Josune Osa
Adjunts: Raquel Dalmau, Alexandra Martín, Marta Millet
Auxiliars – Recepció Convidats: Marc Aguyé, Ana Hernández, Paris O'Donnell, Meritxell Vidal, Riwaa Irfaeya


ALIEN, 2009 passenger

La 42nd edition of the Sitges - International Film Festival of Catalonia will revolve around the ALIEN universe, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the film directed by Ridley Scott.Sitges 09 will also remember the huge eighties phenomenon that Ghostbusters was.

Unexpected Maria Honorifica to Fernando Guillén

Fernando Guillén has suprisedly and "absolutely happy" received the Maria Honorífica that the Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya has given him in the Closing Ceremony.Fernando Guillén Cuervo, his son, has given him the prize.

City of Ember, closing film

Gil Kenan presented his latest work, City of Ember. The film was brought the 41st edition of the International Film Festival of Catalonia to an end. The movie, starring Tim Robbins, Bill Murray and Martin Landau, is the screen version of Jeanne Duprau's hit novel by the same name as the film. The C...

La Victoria de Félix eclipses at Brigadoon

BRIGADOON Paul Naschy JURY Juanjo Lleó, Toni Benages, Jaime Quesada Best short filmLa Victoria de Félix by Jordi Pastor & Albert Miró

The Silver Méliès goes to Martyrs

SILVER MÉLIÈS JURY Diego López, Zak Kadison, Javier Gutiérrez Silver Méliès for Best European Motion PictureMartyrs by Pascal Laugier Silver Méliès Award for Best European Short FilmAfterville by Fabio Guaglione & Fabio Resina...

The Sky Crawlers, chosen by the Critic Jury

CRITIC AWARDS JURY Beatriz Martínez Gómez, Alejandro G. Calvo, Carlos LosillaJose Luis Guarner Critic AwardThe Sky Crawlers by Mamoru Oshii Citizen Kane Award to an up-and-coming directorHome Movie by Christopher Denham

The audience choose Blindness

AUDIENCE AWARD EL PERIÓDICO DE CATALUNYABest Motion PictureBlindness by Fernando Meirelles

From Inside, the Anima't winner

ANIMA'T - Gertie AwardJURY Todd Brown, Xavi Sánchez Pons, Carles Arenes Best Animated FilmFrom Inside by John Bergin Best Animated Short filmThe facts in the case of Mr. Hollow by Rodrigo Gudiño & Vincent Marcone

Orient Express-Casa Àsia Award goes to The Chaser

ORIENT EXPRESS - CASA ÀSIAJURY Todd Brown, Xavi Sánchez Pons, Carles Arenes Best Motion PictureThe Chaser by Na Hong-jin

The Carnet Jove Jury gives the Midnight X-Treme Award to Encarnaçaô do Demônio

CARNET JOVE JURYAlbert Elduque, Cristina Álvarez, Manuel Bocero, Covadonga de la Cuesta, Sergio Morera Best Motion Picture FANTÀSTICEX AEQUO:The Sky Crawlers by Mamoru OshiiVinyan by Fabrice du Welz Best Motion Picture MIDNIGHT X-TREMEEncarnaçaô do Demônio by Jos&e...

Linda Harrison and Luis Miñarro receive the Honorary María Award

Actress Linda Harrison, star of the movie The Planet of the Apes, and Luis Miñarro, film producer, Received the Honorary María Award in recognition of their career. Luis Miñarro (Barcelona 1949) produced movies like Things I Never Told You (Isabel Coixet, 1996), Where in Madame...

Los Bastardos, Religulous and Ramírez, Seat Noves Visions Awards

SEAT - NOVES VISIONS JURY Velasco Broca, Guillermo Jure, Xavi Serra Best Motion PictureLos Bastardos by Amat Escalante Special MentionGod's Puzzle by Takashi Miike Non Fiction Motion Picture DiplomaReligulous by Larry Charles Discovery Motion Picture DiplomaRamírez by Albert Arizza...

Surveillance, by Jennifer Lynch, Best Motion Picture

OFFICIAL FANTÀSTIC JURY Marina Anna Eich, Àlex Gorina, Umberto Lenzi, David Pirie, Fred WilliamsonBest Motion Picture Surveillance by Jennifer LynchSpecial Jury AwardEden Lake by James WatkinsBest DirectorKim Jee-woon for The Good, The Bad, The WeirdBest ActorBrian Cox for RedBes...

Hundreds of zombies on parade Sitges

Blood and more blood. Hundreds of people dressed as zombies came together in Sitges at the Eastpak Zombie Walk organized by the 41st edition of the International Film Festival of Catalonia. Severed heads, knives driven into their bodies, wounds of all sorts, skin hanging off and eyes popping out of...

New works from ?The Blair Witch Project? directors

The co-directors of the acclaimed movie The Blair Witch Project, Eduardo Sánchez and Daniel Myrick, presented their new works at the International Film Festival of Catalonia. Although each director screened a film, they did a joint presentation.  Eduardo Sánchez premiered Se...

Alfredson presents his Golden Méliès Award-winning film

Swedish director Tomas Alfredson presented Let the Right One In. The movie, competing in the Official Fantàstic Selection at the 41st edition of the Sitges Film Festival, won the Golden Méliès Award for Best Fantasy Genre Motion Picture.The movie, based on the novel Let Me In by...

The most human Van Damme

Mabrouk el Mechri presented his latest work, JCVD. The movie not only stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, but it also bears his name. The letters in the title correspond to the initial from Van Damme's first and last name. The film discovers the character´s most human side. There is one point in...

Absurdistan, without water there?s no sex

"If there's no water, there's no sex", that's the motto of the movie Absurdistán, by director Veit Heimer, presentedo at the Film Festival of Catalonia. The film, based on some real news that the director read in a newspaper, is the story of Absurdistan, a fictitious place in the mo...

Prime Time, a film about the media circus

Sitges screened the movie debut of Luis Calvo Ramos. The film, entitled Prime Time, speaks about the limits of the television world: the most brutal side of reality shows. Elena, nervous and tired after a day of work, returns home and argues with her boyfriend. The argument culminates in a group of...

A unique occasion to see ?Dead Space? on the big screen

Movie and videogame at the same time. That's what's proposed by Dead Space: Downfall, an animated film that can be seen on the big screen at the 41st edition of the Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia but that won't premiere in commercial movie theaters.  Patricia Del Rí...

J.A. Bayona: ?The important things are emotions, not awards?

"The Americans have all the money in the world but can't do anything, while we can do whatever we want but don't have the money", stated J.A.Bayona, director of The Orphanage, in the round table held at the Festival entitled Género Fantástico Europeo: una moda' A propó...

?Intrusos en Manasés? combienes history and supernatural events

The International Film Festival of Catalonia screened Intrusos en Manasés, a film by Juan Carlos Claver starring Belén López and Miguel Ángel Muñoz, among others. Juan Carlos Muñoz, a usual actor in several television series, came to Sitges to the premiere o...

Umberto Lenzi receives the Nosferatu Award

Director, author and screenwriter Umberto Lenzi received the Nosferatu Award, given by Brigadoon, The Festival's cult zone. The award is an acknowledgement of Umberto Lenzi's long career dedicated to cinema. He is also a member of the Official Fantàstic jury at the 41st edition of the Sitges...

Charlie Kaufman and his directorial debut

Charlie Kaufman, until recently a screenwriter, received the Time Machine Award. The screenwriter for works like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Being John Malkovich presented his first movie as a director, Synecdoche, New York. The films, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, explains the...

First feature from the most revolutionary screenwriter

Charlie Kaufman took the big leap to movie directing and did so with the film Synecdoche, New York. After his long career as a screenwriter - among others he wrote the screenplays for Adaptation by Spike Jonze and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, by Michael Gondry - Kaufman's next challenge wa...

World premiere of 'Long Weekend'

The Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia screens the world premiere of the movie Long Weekend, directed by Jaime Blanks. Long Weekend, that heralds a big box office hit, stars Jim Caviezel and Claudia Karavan. The movie is a remake of the one that won an award at the 1979 Sitges Festival...

?Let the right one in?, a lesson in fantasy film

Sitges premiered the Swedish movie Let the Right One in, by director Tomas Alfredson. The film, competing in the Festival's Official Fantàstic Selection, stars Kare Hedebrant and Lina Leandersson. Oskar has a dysfunctional family and is bullied by his classmates. Twelve years old, he's just...

The Burrowers, half western half horror

Director J.T. Petty presented his new film, The Burrowers. Petty, who had already presented two movies at previous editions, Soft for Digging (2001) and S&Man (2006), is now a candidate for the In competition Official Fantàstic Selection award. The Burrowers is a movie that's a mixture o...

Lloyd Kaufman receives the Time Machine Award

Lloyd Kaufman, founder of the independent film production company Troma Entertainment, receives the classic Time Machine Award at the 41st edition of the Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia. The award is a tribute to this great American director's extensive career. Thank you, Kaufman!

Lloyd Kaufman: ?We won?t be making a cent for my wife?s retirement fund?

Sitges Fòrum brought the great Lloyd Kaufman, director and co-founder, along with Michael Herz, of Troma Entertainment, the influential independent movie production company. The master class began with the screening Poultry in Motion: Truth Is Stranger Than Chicken, the how-it-was-made of hi...

A film about the invisible forms of violence

After the screening of Embrión, the film's director, Gonzalo López, talked with the audience about his movie. "At first my idea was to do a remake of The Embryo Hunts in Secret, by Koji Wakamatsu, but then I saw that the original film could become a limitation", the young dir...

Eden Lake, a teen story

British director James Watkins presented Eden Lake, a film about adolescence combined with the most extreme delinquency. Since the beginning of this year alone, there have been 24 people stabbed to death in the United Kingdom, all of them at the hands of underage kids. "Since media pressure is...

The Chaser and police corruption

The International Film Festival of Catalonia screened The Chaser, Korean Na Hong-jin's first work. The movie denounces the corruption of the police and judicial system. The project's basis is actually the social undertone. "I wanted to tell the story of a flesh and blood woman murdered in plain...

Red; vengeance for the death of a dog

Sitges just premiered Red, a movie co-directed by Trygve Allister Diesen and Lucky McKee. Red, competing in the Official Fantàstic Selection, is a story of revenge. An old man sees some kids kill his dog that on top of it, was a gift from his deceased wife. The man, played by Brian Cox, deci...

Trick?r Treat, a Halloween story

Halloween is still a few days away, but Sitges got a jump on the celebration. The Festival screened the fist work from the screenwriter for Superman Returns and X-Men 2, Michael Dougherty. The movie, entitled Trick'r Treat, was one of the big surprises at the 41st edition of the Sitges International...

Pascal Laugier: ?They applauded my film and I felt uncomfortable?

Attending the Sitges Fòrum session was the director of one of the most controversial and shocking movies at this year's Festival, Martyrs, by Pascal Laugier. The French director explained that he is a big fan of horror movies and that with Martyrs he wanted to "recover the transgressive...

First vomiting after the screening of 'Martyrs'

 "I wanted the viewer to lose all morality". That's how categorical Pascal Laugier, the director of Martyrs was, a film that premiered at the Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia in the Official Fantàstic Selection. After the film was screened, a viewer threw up from...

Fernando Meirelles: ?Blindness raises question, but doesn?t give answers?

The morning session at the International Film Festival of Catalonia saw the screening of Blindness, by director Fernando Meirelles. The movie, based on the acclaimed novel by the Portuguese Nobel laureate for Literature José Saramago, Blindness (1995), is competing in the Festival's Official...

Time Machine Award to Abel Ferrara

Abel Ferrara was given the classic Time Machine Award at the 41st edition of the Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia. The filmmaker received the award in the Hotel Meliá Auditorium before the screening of The Good, The Bad, The Weird, by Korean director Kim Jee-woon. Abel Ferrara...

Time's up. Invasioooooooooon!!!

The living dead will be gathering at the Brigadoon Zone (Miramar Building), where they can get made up from noon on. The starting shot will be fired at about 19:30 and the invasion will make its way towards the Passeig de la Ribera esplanade. Once there, at 21:00 a concert will kick off with the ban...

Tale 52 delves into the mind of a schizophrenic

Greek director Alexis Alexiou presented his first work Tale 52, a claustrophobic journey into the depths of the mind of a schizophrenic who is struggling against his disease. Alexiou put a wide variety of resources to work to bring the viewer closer to the main character's mind, a role played by Gi...

Ferrara depicts 1970?s New York

The great Abel Ferrara, director of works like Ms. 45 or King of New York, among others, returns to the big screen with Chelsea on the Rocks, a documentary that depicts bohemian New Yorker life in the late seventies. The Hotel Chelsea is one of the most representative symbols of the hippie and punk...

Hansel & Gretel, a macabre children?s story

Korean director Yim Phil-sung presented his latest film, Hansel and Gretel, a macabre children's story. The universes of children's tales taken to the big screen, a story with an immaculate appearance and sinister, perverse points. Attending the film's premiere were the director and Shim Eun-kyung,...

Houellebecq reaches the big screen

Controversial French writer Michel Houellebecq has taken the big leap to the big screen with the movie version of his novel La possibilité d'une île. The author who was the enfant terrible of French arts leaves no one indifferent with his screen version, although his movie is less caus...

The state of TV films on debate

During the International Film Festival of Catalonia, there was a round table to discuss the state of TV Movies. The round table, moderated by Sergi S. Sánchez, screenwriter for The Orphanage and director of the TV adaptation of Eugenio Fuentes' book Las manos del pianista, was about the futur...

Lynn Bousman: ?After making Repo!, I can take on everything else?

Sitges became the world capital of sung opera. Darren Lynn Bousman premiered Repo! The Genetic Opera, a movie based on the theatrical opera by the same name, an industrial rock musical set in a neo-gothic future of blood, flesh and leather. "After making this movie I can take on everything els...

An Oriental western

The International Film Festival of Catalonia's early morning screening  was The Good, the Bad, the Weird, a film from Korean director Kim Jee-Woo. The movie is a colossal adventure that starts off with a spectacular train robbery and later takes place in the Gobi Desert. The movie, that pays h...

The SGAE Nova Autoria Awards go to the short films 'Eyja' and 'Restaurando a Héctor'

Students from the Centre d'Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya (Eyja) and Pompeu Fabra University (Restaurando a Héctor), will receive the 2008 SGAE Nova Autoria Awards. The official award-giving ceremony will be on Saturday October 11, at the closing gala of the 41st edition of...

Twilight: the big fan phenomenon

Sitges experienced a big fan moment at its 41st edition. Starting at eight in the morning, scores of girls assembled in front of the Tramuntana Room door to be the first to get in. The reason: to see the trailer, not the movie, of Twilight, one of this year's most long-awaited productions. It is th...

Vinyan, the drama of losing a child

Young director Fabrice du Welz presented his latest work, Vinyan. The film, competing in the Festival's Official Fantastic Selection, hace gala de un terror cotidiano y real. Vinyan is the story of a married couple, Jeanne and Paul, who haven't been able to get over the tragic death of their son in...

Tribute to ?Black Caesar?

The International Film Festival of Catalonia pays homage to one of the cult pieces from the seventies: Black Caesar, directed by Larry Cohen. After its screening, Fred Williamson, the leading man in Black Caesar and Hell up in Harlem, among others, spoke to the audience. The movie, an exponent of b...

The keys to success on the Internet

Timo Vuorensola, Finnish director of Star Wreck: in the pirkinning, the most viewed movie in the history of Finnish cinema, explained, at a presentation, the secret to the success of his first feature length movie. The film was one of the first to be uploaded to the Internet and almost exclusively d...

Your name here, between reality and fiction

Director and screenwriter Matthew Wilder presented his latest film, Your name here, at a press conference. The movie, starring Bill Pullman, is the story of a well-known science fiction writer who, as the result of a heart attack, loses his ability to tell the difference between the reality and the...

?Exorcismo?: the classics never die

The Prado movie theater screened a classic in Spanish cinema. The movie Exorcismo, a film directed by Juan Bosch that premieres in 1974. The screening of  Exorcismo is a tribute to the movie's producer, Josep Antón Pérez Giner, co-founder and soul of Profilmes.After seeing the fil...

Sexykiller, a perverse Barbie

A the press conference, Miguel Martí presented his third feature film, Sexykiller, "a horror comedy that will make you have a horrifically funny time", the director explained, adding that the film "has everything genre lovers want: action, shooting and an absolutely attractive...

Pataky and Sbaraglia, superheroes in Santos

At a press conference, Nicolás López presented Santos, a movie with all the elements of superhero stories: the damsel in distress, the villain and the hero. She is Elsa Pataky, and they are Javier Gutiérrez, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Guillermo Toledo. A luxurious cast that posed fo...

The first screening of Repo! The Genetic Opera cancelled

The Festival management has cancelled the first screening of Repo! The Genetic Opera in order to reinforce security measures as it is one of the most eagerly awaited films by piracy networks. The screening planned for 1:00 tonight, Saturday the 4th is still on.

Hermán Migoya premieres ?¡Soy un pelele!?

Hermán Migoya presented his new film, ¡Soy un pelele!. After the movie was screened, the director, along with the Calatrava Brothers, Liberto Rabal and Chiqui Martí spoke to the audience and press.The movie is the story of a down and out screenwriter who sees the chance to recove...

The secrets of 2001: A Space Odyssey

After receiving the Festival's Honorary Grand Prize at the opening gala, Stanley Kubrick's most famous movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey , continues its celebration. Christiane Kubrick, the filmmaker's widow, Jan Harlan, Kubrick's assistant and executive producer, actors Gary Lockwood and Keria Dullea a...

TRICK'R TREAT, the today surprise

Sitges is pleased to reveal one of this edition's big surprises. We're talking about TRICK'R TREAT, the new film produced by Bryan Singer and directed by Michael Dougherty. With this, his first feature, the screenwriter for blockbusters like Superman Returns and X-Men 2 has made the ideal Halloween...

?The Cottage, an amateur kidnapping

Two years after his film debut, Paul Andrew presents The Cottage. After the press conference to present his second movie, the crew had a photo call at the Hotel Meliá viewpoint. The Cottage, starring Andy Serkis and Reece Shearsmith, is the story of a kidnapping. Two brothers abduct Tracey, d...

?Cher ami? gets the youngsters geared up

More than 300 students attended the special screening the Sitges Festival held for high schools. Boys and girls saw the animated movie Cher Ami, by Miquel Pujol. The screening was accompanied had a musical accompaniment by Nina, who sang along with the students. There were also several falcons at th...

Brad Anderson presents Transsiberian

At the presentation of his film, Brad Anderson, director of Transsiberian, explained that the movie is based on a trip he took after he finished college 20 years ago: He crossed Asia aboard the mythical Trans-Siberian train. "The idea was to create an atmosphere of paranoia and that the fear wo...

Honorary Maria Award to Ramón Martos

Ramón Martos, director of Image Film, received the Honorary Grand Maria Award from Sitges 2008. The event was held during the opening gala ceremony of the 41st edition of the International Film Festival of Catalonia, which took place on Thursday the 2nd in the Hotel Meliá Auditorium....

John Carpenter and Nicholas Meyer receive the Time Machine Award

Nicholas Meyer and John Carpenter both received the honorary Time Machine Award in recognition of their career. The act was celebrated during the 41st edition of the Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia, held on Thursday the 2nd in the Hotel Meliá Auditorium.

Sitges pays tribute to Kubrick?s Odyssey

The opening gala of the 41st edition of the International Film Festival of Catalonia celebrated the 40th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Attending the event were actor Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea, the filmmaker's assistant and executive producer, Jan Harlan, a...

Alexandre Aja?s Mirrors opens the Festival

Mirrors, Alexandre Aja's latest film, was the one chosen to open the 41st edition of the Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia. The opening gala, held on Thursday the 2nd in the Hotel Meliá's Auditorium, was supposed to be attended by the French director. However for reasons beyond...

Ponyo on the Cliff by the sea will be at SITGES

Hayao Miyazaki's new film will be at Sitges 2008 Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, the new movie from one of the masters of Japanese animation, will be present at this year's edition of the Festival. The film,  that amazed audiences at the most recent Venice Film Festival, is the story of the adve...

Time Machine Award also to Nicholas Meyer

Director Nicholas Meyer joins the previously announced list of Time Machine Award Winners, and will receive his award on Sunday the 5th. The other guests of honor are John Carpenter, Abel Ferrara (Sunday the 5th), Lloyd Kaufman (Wednesday the 8th) and Charlie Kaufman (Thursday 9th).

Festival Jury

Official Fantàstic JuryFRED WILLIAMSON - North American actor, director and producerMARINA ANNA EICH - Actress, producer and press agentÀLEX GORINA - Sitges Film Festival Director for five years. Film criticUMBERTO LENZI - Director, screenwriter and authorDAVID PIRIE - British film cri...

Brigadoon, the most underground cinema

Consolidated as a cult venue within the Festival, in the same line as in recent years Brigadoon will continue to offer the most underground movies and promote our independent cinema. At this venue's epicenter, the Brigadoon-Paul Naschy Award has been established as a launching pad for this country's...

Science-Fiction: Exploring Worlds

This is not a retrospective, but a starting point to discuss the situation of science-fiction before and after 2001, A Space Odyssey and, thinking about this genre's future, to talk about its creators and connections with similar universes. The Andromeda Strain, by Robert Wise; Brainstorm, by Dougl...

Sitges Forum, festival interactive zone

A Festival Zone for interaction between audience and artists, professionals and new fans. So the Festival can continue to be an open, dynamic event far removed from the audiovisual exhibition concept. Friday 3 10:00 Past, present and future of science-fiction. Presentation of the book Explorando mu...

Catalan Films & TV

Catalan Films & TV will organize two round tables and a specific industry venue.The official selection of the International Film Festival of Catalonia includes some of the most outstanding movies from this year's Catalan fantasy film production. So Sexykiller, directed by Miguel Martí (Me...

Albert Ganduxé, new Foundation director

Albert Ganduxé has been named director general of the Sitges-International Film Festival of Catalonia Private Foundation. With a background in private sector companies, Albert Ganduxé has a great deal of experience in the creation and development of complex multicultural organizations...

Tickets on sales

Tickets on sale and can be purchased through Caixa Catalunya's Tel·entrada service (www.telentrada.com, tel. 902 10 12 12 and at bank offices).

Honorary Grand Prize to Kubrick at the opening ceremony

Debido a un cambio de última hora, la mujer de Stanley Kubrick, Christiane Kubrick, recojerá el Gran Premio Honirífico en nombre de su marido el día de la inauguración, la noche del jueves 2 de octubre en el Auditorio.

The makings of animated film

Anima't is the most complete selection of animated movies and short films with special insistence on independent and Japanese anime productions. Not to forget the extensive program of the best in animated shorts. ANIMA'T SECTION List films Director Hideaki Anno, Kazuya Tsurumaki,...

European film par excellence

The In competition Official Méliès section is a necessary accompaniment to the in competition Official Fantàstic Selection, with a variety of European films that have a lot to say about the current genre situation in Europe. IN COMPETITION OFFICIAL FANTÀSTIC MÉLI&E...

New tendencies in fantasy

The Noves Visions section, reserved for addressing the new tendencies in fantasy, including innovative thematic or formal formats, experimental and clearly radical proposals. It is divided into Fiction and Non- fiction works and, in addition, now has a new offshoot: Discovery, for independent works...

The most riotous cinema always at midnight

Midnight X-Treme is the favorite section of the fan fatal of the most extreme, noctambulant, mischievous cinema. Intense, late night emotions and endurance marathons for tireless freaks. MIDNIGHT X-TREME List films Director Marc Robert Jon Hewitt Steven C. M...

The best Asian cinema

Orient Express is the best selection of popular genres produced in Asia, with special attention to fantasy, epic films, martial arts, thrillers and horror. An essential space to complete your viewing of Oriental productions seen in the Official Fantàstic Selection. ORIENT EXPRESS - CASA ASIA...

Zombies to invade Sitges

On the upcoming Friday October 10th, Sitges will be invaded by hundreds of zombies. The International Film Festival of Catalonia, (from October 2nd to the 12th), in its most underground section, Brigadoon, has organized the Eastpak Zombie Walk, along with the Spooky Entertainment cultural associatio...

Christiane Kubrick will collect the Sitges Grand Prize on behalf of her husband

The 41st edition of Sitges - International Film Festival of Catalonia, dedicated to celebrating the 40th anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey, will pay tribute to Stanley Kubrick by awarding the Sitges 08 Grand Prize to his widow, Christiane Kubrick. The commemoration of this science fiction master...

Time Machine Awards will be going to Abel Ferrara, John Carpenter and Charlie Kaufman

The Festival's classic Time Machine Awards will be going to Abel Ferrara, John Carpenter and Charlie Kaufman. Abel Ferrara will collect his award on Monday, October 6th before the presentation of Chelsea on the Rocks in the Seven Chances categor.Charlie Kaufman will receive his on Thursday, October...

Honorary Maria Award will be going to actress Linda Harrison and producer J.A. Pérez-Giner

The Sitges 08 Honorary María Award will be presented to important figures like Linda Harrison, one of the stars of Planet of the Apes or J.A. Pérez-Giner, Catalan producer of movies like Tombs of the Blind Dead, Saga of the Draculas or Monkeys like Becky, among others.

Essential Films

In the out-of-competition Official Fantàstic Selection you will be able to enjoy movies that complement the in competition selection, becoming instant cult movies, reviewing classics or using narrative and/or visual formats bordering on fantasy. OFFICIAL FANTÀSTIC SECTION OUT OF COMPE...

The best in competition fantasy cinema

The in competition Official Fantàstic Selection is made up of a wide choice of the best fantasy films from around the world, focusing on current genre tendencies. The resurrection of Asian fantasy films far removed from the coordinates of ghostly horror, the confirmation of a new wave of Brit...

City of Ember, closing film

City of Ember, by Gil Kenan and starring Tim Robbins, Bill Murray and Martin Landau, will be the film closing this year's 41st edition. Caroline Thompson, Tim Burton's regular collaborator, adapts Jeanne Duprau successful novels revolving around a legendary city situated inside the Earth. Spectacul...

The 1st International Fake Trailer Festival

The festival offers anyone who wants the possibility of making a fake trailer of a movie that doesn't exist and upload it to www.teaserland.com starting September 15th. The First International Fake Trailer Festival, directed by Xavi Bru, is a VAS A VER and ACCIÓN MEDIA project and will be pre...

The designees for the Carnet Jove Jury

Albert Elduque, as president of the Jury, Covadonga de la Cuesta, Sergio Morera, Manuel Bocero and Cristina Álvarez will be climbing out of their ship to float around in space at the SITGES 2008 - International Film Festival of Catalonia. Indeed, they are the five members of the 4th Carnet J...

Exhibition of solidarity to celebrate the 75th anniversary of King Kong

The fantasy film magazine Scifiworld will be organizing, as a part of the Sitges - International Film Festival of Catalonia and with the collaboration of Planeta de Agostini and Norma Editorial publishing companies, a charity event to mark the 75th anniversary of King Kong that will be entitled &quo...

Mirrors, by Alexandre Aja to open Sitges 08

French filmmaker Alexandre Aja will be kicking off the 41st edition of the Sitges – International Film Festival of Catalonia with the screening of his latest film, Mirrors, which will premiere in Spain with the title Reflejos.   Mirrors will be opening Sitges 08 on October 2nd, represen...

The 41st edition will be dedicated to 2001: A Space Odyssey

The 41st edition, to be held from October 2nd to the 12th, will be dedicated to the 40th anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick, and will be attended by, among others, actors Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea, special effects supervisor Douglas Trumbull and Jan Harlan, executive produc...

Tributes to science fiction treasures

The Festival will offer a reflective retrospective on the role of science fiction in the history of contemporary cinema, with outstanding movies like Planet of the Apes, Forbidden Planet, Logan's Run, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, among others. For many moviegoers it will be an excellent op...

The 75th Anniversary of King Kong

Through a series of screenings and debates, the Festival will be paying tribute to the 75th anniversary of King Kong, the Festival's image. We will be able to enjoy the remastered copy of King Kong from 1933 and also the documentary produced by Peter Jackson shooting of the original movie RKO P...

Everyday and purely real horror movies

Sitges 08's OFICIAL FANTÀSTIC SELECTION will bring together tendencies from the current genre production, emphasizing everyday, purely real horror movies. Outstanding films like: Vinyan, by Fabrice Du Welz, one of the most promising young genre directors who already excelled with Calvaire...

Famous proposals

In the out-of-competition Oficial Fantàstic Selection there will be famous proposals like Blindness, the screen version of the José Saramago novel by Fernando Meirelles; JCVD, the faux Jean-Claude Van Damme biopic directed by Mabrouk El Mechri; Synecdoche, New York, from the always...

Spanish production big titles

Sitges 08 will leave plenty of room for the most recent Spanish and Catalan productions with films like Sexy Killer, by Miguel Martí, with a tribute to 80's youth horror movies; Transsiberian, by Brad Anderson, presenting a dark, neo-Gothic thriller that takes place in the mythic; Santos,...

Gushing blood at midnight

The festival's most extreme category, MIDNIGHT X-TREME will continue to base its subject matter on the purest and harshest horror movies, with the most bloodcurdling film in recent years as its main attraction: Philosophy of a Knife, by Andrey Iskanov, an in-depth account of the genetic experim...

Sections and activities with their own personality

NOVES VISIONS will include films like Otto; or up with Dead People, by Bruce LaBruce, with a gay zombie as its leading character; Beautiful, by Juhn Jaihong, a disciple of Kim Ki-duk; and the new movie incursion by Daniel Myrick, one of the creators of The Blair Witch Project, entitled The Objec...

Monty Python, guests of honour at Méliès d?Or

This year Sitges will be stage for the Méliès d’Or award organized by the EFFFF (European Federation of Fantastic Film Festivals) for the best European fantasy film from the 2006-2007 edition. Attending the act will be several guests of honour: some of the members of Monty Py...

Sitges 2008 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of 2001, a Space Odyssey

SCIENCE FICTION AND EVERYDAY HORROR, MAIN FEATURES AT SITGES 08 The 41st edition will be dedicated to 2001: A Space Odyssey The 41st edition, to be held from October 2nd to the 12th, will be dedicated to the 40th anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick, and will be attended by, amo...

Festival Jounals

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