Audience Award

The Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia audience grants, by voting, three audience awards to films pertaining to three different sections: Official Fantastic Selection, Panorama Fantastic Section and Sitges Documenta Section.
Films are ranked from 1 to 5 (being 1 the lowest and 5 the highest) with a ballot distributed by the festival’s volunteers, once the film has ended, that must be placed through a slot inside a numbered ballot box that can be found outside the theatre. The recount is done through a weighted average considering each votes’ value and the total number of assistents to the screening.




The Official Fantastic Selection brings together the best selection of unreleased in Spain 2017/2018 fantastic and horror genre films, based on a free and broad vision of genre and intended to highlight the most important trends of the year. The Grand Audience Award, sponsored by La Vanguardia, is granted to the best full-length fantastic genre film within this section.



Panorama Fantastic Section is formed by films from different countries, unreleased in Spain 2017/2018 fantastic and horror genre films with a strongly independent inclination. A popular vote award is granted to the best full-length fiction film.



Sitges Documenta Section is a transversal section formed with films pertaining to different sections of the festival’s programme, such as Panorama or Brigadoon. Also opting to be awarded with a prize granted by a popular vote.

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