Fantàstic Kids


Our imagination contains fantastic ideas..., but how to transfer them to the screen?

We propose a workshop to become familiar with film language and process and learn how to make a simple fantastic short film.

We’ll start off with Georges Méliès and later, through a series of hands-on exercises, we’ll easily move from idea to script, from script to recording (including special effects), we’ll do the editing and, finally, we’ll finish the workshop with the screening of the audiovisual piece that’s been created.

This workshop will also offer us the knowledge to be able to participate in the 8th Edition of the video competition Participa Méliès (

Duration: 3 Hours

Target: Families with children 7 and up. Children cannot be left alone at the workshop.

Location: Centre Cultural Miramar

Dates: Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October.

Time: 11:00 and 16:00.

Maximum 25 participants per session.

Provided by: Digital Films

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A talk by the organization of the Participa Méliès Competition to present its 7th Edition and offer the keys to success.

We will review the best videos from previous years of the Participa Méliès Competition to see the variety of proposals presented and how trick Photography is used to reinforce short film scripts.

We will also analyze which aspects the jury usually views as the most positive in their deliberation and which can help in the participants’ success.

The competition suggests taking inspiration from Georges Méliès’ legacy and from his trick photography, to make a video with a runtime of less than 3 minutes.

This pioneer in fantastic genre cinema will inspire us to create, with the technological tools at our disposal, an audiovisual project.

We will show you how, sometimes, the imagination can help us overcome technical limitations.

Duration: 45 minutes.

Target: Film schools, film students, debuting filmmakers.

Location: Centre Cultural Miramar

Date: Saturday 12 October

Time: 12:00

Participants until places run out

Provided by: Alexis Borràs, from Digital Films

Founder of Digital Films. He works in filmmaking and also does audiovisual training. He’s done different broadcasts, advertising, educational videos and music videos. He has also developed educational projects for Obra Social "la Caixa", the Municipal Institute of Education and the MACBA, among others. He was co-director for five years of the DiBa, Digital Barcelona Film Festival. He currently combines directing Digital Films with teaching at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

He has also produced audiovisuals works for renowned directors like Juanma Bajo Ulloa, Joaquim Oristrell, Borja Cobeaga and Rafa Cortés, among others.




The course will help educators of people with intellectual disabilities carry out a fantastic genre film project with their groups.

A practical workshop where fundamental knowledge will be offered to develop an audiovisual project: we will get to know the ins and outs of how to adapt a film project to the specific context, needs and objectives, and we will implement the basic knowledge and processes to develop, film and edit everything, making our own short film during the workshop.

The workshop provides educators with the educational content of the Participa Méliès video competition (a competition inspired by the great pioneer of fantastic genre films Georges Méliès, and proposing an introduction to cinema through silent films) and the methodology stemming from it and with which the workshop "From the imagination to the screen" has been created, allowing us to quickly and simply make a short film with a group, and to adapt it to our work objectives.

Duration: 3 h   Targeting: educators of special needs groups with from the Garraf region

Offered by: Digital Films

Location: Palau de Miramar

Date: 10th October at 10:00 a.m.

Participants: 25 participants maximum.


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TITLE: How to make films at school (With the participation of Méliès)

How to make films at school? The course will help teachers and faculty members to find the tools and methodology to do a fantastic genre film project in the classroom quickly and easily.

A practical workshop where fundamental knowledge will be offered to develop an audiovisual project in the classroom thanks to the educational content of the Participa Méliès project (video competition inspired by the pioneer of fantastic genre films Georges Méliès and proposing an initiation to cinema through silent movies) and the methodology from the competition that has been applied to the workshop "From the imagination to the screen".

The participants will discover the keys to make a short film in class and end the session by actually making a short

1-            Presentation of the educational project and the "Participa Méliès" Competition (8th Edition)

2-            Georges Méliès, pioneer of cinema

  1.             From magic to special effects.
  2.             Cinematographic roles.
  3.             Featured filmography.

3-            Making a short film in class

  1.             The film cycle: From the idea to the screen
  2.             The technical material
  3.             Teamwork

4-            Special effects:

  1.             Substitution special effects.
  2.             Games of scale.
  3.             Superimposition special effects.

5-            Resources on the Participa Méliès website:

  1.             Audiovisual creation guide.
  2.             Resources to learn to make movies.
  3.             Resources to make our short.
  4.             Resources to understand silent movies and contextualize the first films.


Duration: 3 h  

Targeting: Teachers and faculty members of primary school, ESO (7th – 10th grade), Bachillerato (11th & 12th grade) and FPCM from the Garraf region

Offered by: Digital Films

Location: Palau de Miramar

Date and time: 8th October at 5:30 p.m. and 9th October at 10:00 a.m. (the 2 workshops are exactly the same, participants must choose one of the two days)

Participants: 25 participants maximum per course.


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