Official Fantàstic Selection

The Sitges Official Fantàstic Selection brings together the best selection of fantastic and horror genre films, based on a free and broad vision of genre and intended to highlight the most important trends of the year. This selection is accompanied by Òrbita, a sample of films closely related to the fantastic genre, like action and adventure movies or black comedy, and that’s aimed at placing special emphasis on thrillers. 

Special Screenings

Films programmed as a tribute, for their suitability or other justified reasons, which don’t necessarily have to be a premiere in Spain.


Feature length films of all nationalities, previously unreleased in Spain and produced in 2015/2016. Genres closely related to fantasy like thrillers, action movies, adventure or black comedy.A jury formed by the audience will present the award for best feature film. 

Noves Visions Section

Noves Visions was born in Sitges in 2003 with the goal of putting together a lineup delving into new formal, conceptual and narrative channels. Here the fantastic genre, interpreted more broadly, meets the experimental. Halfway between the most transgressive experimentation and the forcefulness of auteur cinema, Noves Visions has come to be one of the Festival’s most daring sections and includes Noves Visions plus, a twist on the section’s own characteristic risk. 

SGAE Nova Authorship contains a selection of short films from film schools and students who choose Catalan audiovisual Awards SGAE Nova Authorship best screenplay, best director and best music.

Panorama Fantàstic Section

A collection of fantastic and horror genre films with a strongly independent inclination. So the Festival incorporates one of the most important trends in recent genre cinema, where audacity and independence are crossed with the canons of fantastic and horror. Within this section we also find Panorama Documenta, dedicated to non-fiction pieces revolving around genre and its most relevant filmmakers.

Anima’t Section

Animated cinema has a place of its own reserved at the Festival and its preferential space is found in Anima’t, which accommodates all kinds of productions. From anime to European animation, from the most cutting edge technology to the most traditional cartoons: Anima't has room for diverse proposals and is accompanied by one of the lineup’s gems, the selection of animated shorts. 

Seven Chances Section

Seven feature films, related to the Festival’s thematic specialty, selected in collaboration with the Associació Catalana de Crítics i Escriptors Cinematogràfics (Catalan Association of Film Critics and Writers). They must all be previously unreleased in Catalonia and have no commercial distribution in Spain at the time of their selection.

Midnight X-treme Section

The section’s name leaves no room for deception; we’re dealing with the Festival’s most extreme selection, one that includes independent horror projects and pieces taking the expressions of horror to the limit. Always with the intention of contemplating genre from an open and broad perspective that allows it to be naturally and intriguingly crossed with other genres, comedy for instance.

Brigadoon Section

A selection of feature length films, documentaries and short films, made in 2016/2017, independently produced and thematically oriented in horror and fantasy. The selected pieces will be included among premieres, retrospectives, tributes, and/or cult movies. It is not necessary for them to be unreleased in Spain. However, pieces that have been published on the Internet will not be taken into consideration. A jury will present the Paul Naschy Brigadoon award for best fantastic genre short film.

Sitges Classics Section

En un Festival de cine de género es necesario mantener un ojo en el pasado, para entender los cánones, las tradiciones y los héroes que crearon todo un imaginario. También, para entender los homenajes y las rupturas que propone el cine contemporáneo respecto al género. Sitges Clàssics mantiene esta mirada al pasado y recupera algunas de las obras clave del género en su mejor versión.

Serial Sitges

The Festival opens its doors to genre television with Serial Sitges, presenting fantastic genre and thriller TV series, as well as TV movies, web series and other formats. The purpose of this section is to house a growing and emerging sector: fantastic genre series. Highlighting the unwavering connection that’s been established between the big and the small screen, allowing for an extremely rich creative transfer.

Slatix Sitges Cocoon

The Samsung Sitges Cocoon room offers a selection of fantastic artistic and technological experiences that have already captivated audiences around the world.