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The Maremostra festival is sprinkled with cinema from Sitges

Young Ones, 2030, Last Hijack and La French, all screened at Sitges 2014, have been programmed at the Majorcan event

Once again Sitges’ shadow will be passing through Maremostra, the film festival dedicated to the sea world being held in Palma de Mallorca until Sunday. Four films with different sea related themes and that were screened at Sitges 2014 are highlighted in Maremostra’s lineup: Young Ones, 2030, Last Hijack and La French. The Marseilles port mafia, ship hijacking in Somalia, an apocalyptic future flooded by the sea or marked by the absence of water are the storylines of these four films, arriving in Mallorca with the Sitges signature.

Young Ones, directed by Jake Paltrow, picked up the award for Best Screenplay at Sitges 2014. It’s a film with touches of science fiction in a barren environment that tells the story of the war to control water. La French, directed by Cédric Jiménez and included in the Official Fantàstic Òrbita category at Sitges 21014, is a portrait of the criminal gangs in the Marseilles port. Last Hijack, directed by Femke Wolting and Tommy Palota, shows the severity of a Somalian ship hijacker in a documental with forays into animation and that Sitges 2014 programmed in its Noves Visions – Non Fiction category. On the other hand, 2030 (by Nguyen-Võ Nghiêm-Minh) is an apocalyptic drama which takes us to a Vietnam that’s underwater due to global warming, and that was screened in the Noves Visions – Emergent category.

This is the third year that the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is collaborating with Maremostra. The lineup of films with sea related themes or settings and that have been screened in Sitges allows the Majorcan festival to include genre films. In addition to its intense six day lineup, Maremostra 2015 has also programmed meetings for industry professionals or an encounter with Isona Passola, chairwoman of the Academy of Catalan Cinema.

Sitges’ collaboration with Maremostra coincides with another ongoing collaboration these days featuring the Far East Film Festival in Udine (Italy) –that has created the Sitges Reloaded category, with five films screened at last year’s Festival– and with the International Roda de Barà Festival of Films in Catalan, to be held this upcoming month of June.

PHOTO 1: 2030

PHOTO 2: La French

PHOTO 3: Last Hijack

PHOTO 4: Young Ones





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