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Young creators from the ESCAC, UAB & ECIB obtain the SGAE Nova Autoria 2016 Awards for best screenplay, best direction-production and best original music

Carla Guimarães is the author of the selected screenplay from the SGAE Foundation’s 4th Film Screenplay Writing Laboratory, dedicated to Fantastic Cinema 

The rulings were made public in the Noves Visions section of the Sitges 2016 International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia 

Today, Saturday 8 October in Sitges, the SGAE Foundation made public the rulings on the SGAE Nova Autoria 2016 Awards and the screenplay selected at the 4th Film Screenplay Writing Laboratory, dedicated to Fantastic Cinema as a part of the Noves Visions section at the Sitges 2016 International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. 

The winners of the seventeenth SGAE Nova Autoria Awards are Miguel Casanova & Damià Serra, from the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC); Violeta Blasco, Germán Andrés López, Carlotta Napolitano, Angélica Sánchez & Claudia Zegarra from the Autonomous University of Barcelona - Master on the Theory and Practice of the Creative Documentary, and Jan Fité, from the Escola de Cinema de Barcelona (ECIB). The Brazilian residing in Madrid Carla Guimarães is the author of the screenplay selected by the 4th Film Screenplay Writing Laboratory, dedicated to Fantastic Cinema for its cinematic production. 

The fiesta of emerging authors took place at the Espai Cañateca and as usual, was attended by students, professors, friends and relatives of the young squad of screenwriters, directors-producers and soundtrack composers from the films schools around Catalonia. With the SGAE Nova Autoria Awards and the 4th Film Screenplay Writing Laboratory, the SGAE and the SGAE Foundation once again demonstrate their firm commitment and determined support of our country’s audiovisual creation. 

This year, 15 different film schools have participated in the SGAE Nova Autoria Section, a part of the Festival’s Noves Visions Section. 38 audiovisual works were presented (26 fiction, 2 animation and 10 documentaries) from among which the jury chose 11 finalists (6 fiction, 2 animation and 3 documentaries).

The 2016 SGAE Nova Autoria selection committee was made up of Lluís Arcarazo, TV and film screenwriter and member of the SGAE Territorial Council in Catalonia; Xavier Capellas, composer, soundtrack composer and member of the SGAE Territorial Council in Catalonia, and Sílvia Quer, TV and Film director. The director of the Sitges 2016 International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Àngel Sala, accompanied them at today’s event. 

The short film En la azotea, by Miguel Casanova & Damià Serra, and presented bythe ESCAC, won the SGAE Nova Autoria Award for best screenplay. The jury pointed out that it deserved the award «due to its ability to construct, in a short time, an intense and realistic story based on well defined characters that breathe the truth; for the solidity of its dramatic development, and for its desire to deal with conflicts that not only affect teenagers». 

The SGAE Nova Autoria Award for best direction-production went to Cabeza de orquídeaby Violeta Blasco, Germán Andrés López, Carlotta Napolitano, Angélica Sánchez & Claudia Zegarra from the UAB for, according to the jury, «the originality of the visual approach of its scenes, its boldness when it comes to sharing intimate feelings and the sincerity of its declarations». 

Finally, Jan Fité, from the ECIB,picked up the SGAE Nova Autoria Award for best original music for the composition for the short film Roger«for the composition of a tune with variations and his use of it to explain the story, in a film with no dialogues, and to reinforce the actions and emotions of the characters with such an excellent result». 

Conceived as an open window to discover the talent of future audiovisual creators, the SGAE Nova Autoria Awards are in collaboration with, and with the complicity of, the main film Catalan schools and the Festival itself. Through these awards, the SGAE and the SGAE Foundation offer up and coming authors the possibility of showing their works presenting them to the general public as a part of an internationally reaching audiovisual event. 

Los invitados, by Carla Guimarães, is the work selected by the 4th Film Screenplay Writing Laboratory, dedicated to Fantastic Cinema, that Marc Martínez will take to the big screen 

Los invitados, by Carla Guimarães,is the work selected by the SGAE Foundation’s 4th Film Screenplay Writing Laboratory, dedicated to Fantastic Cinema, that will be taken to the big screen in a film directed by Marc Martínez, winner of the SITGES CINE365 FILM 2015 Award.

This initiative, promoted by the SGAE Foundation, CINE365 FILM and the Sitges Film Festival is aimed at promoting writing for cinema and supporting the sector if screenwriters, fantastic cinema and cinematic production. 

In addition to Carla Guimarães’s work, The screenplays Todo queda en casa, by Elio QuirogaLa última esperanza, by Pau EscribanoMenguante, by Pedro Pablo PicazoEva y el astronauta, by Jorge Blas, and Adam 937, by Amèlia Mora, were also chosen from a total of 167 proposals to be developed in the laboratory. Screenwriter and filmmaker Albert Val directed the educational sessions, which took place at the SGAE’s headquarters in Catalonia from January to June 2016. «It was a very enriching experience. The six participants have shown that they are creative and hard working. They all helped each other. I would love to see all six on the big screen one day», stated Val. The SGAE Foundation awarded each project with 5,500 euros. Los invitados, by Carla Guimarães, will become a film production over the year 2017. 

«My reward was being able to get together with my colleagues, the laboratory coordinator and the director for six months, because this way of working makes it possible for projects to grow. It’s the best way to develop a screenplay, and in addition, it has an added value because it will be shot and won’t remain in just a project», said Carla Guimarães. The Brazilian author adds that «with this initiative, the SGAE is performing a fundamental function of support for cinema and screenwriters, a primordial fact for the development of the film industry in Spain». 

Los invitados, by Carla Guimarães, tells the story of two young psychopaths who take a couple hostage in their own home, except the real hostages will actually be them. «When it came to writing the screenplay I had three films in mind: Psycho, by Alfred Hitchcock; Funny Games, by Michael Haneke, and The Hunger, by Tony Scott. I used these works as a reference, paying attention to the structure, the genre and the theme», the author explained. 

For Albert Val, «it’s a very mischievous screenplay, with constant twists and surprises for the viewer. Carla Guimarãés did a tremendous job as a screenwriter: every time we met she appeared with new material and new ideas. The whole final stage of the screenplay was born in the laboratory and it was very interesting to see how the project evolved and grew. It’s going to be a really fun and entertaining film». 

The new was made public today by the filmmaker and the institutional director of Audiovisuals at the SGAE Foundation, Inés París, along with screenwriter and member of the SGAE Foundation Board, Eduardo Zaramella, the director of the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia – Sitges 2016, Àngel Sala, and screenwriter and filmmakers Albert Val and Marc Martínez, as a part of the party for the 2016 SGAE Nova Autoria Awards.  

About Carla Guimarães 

Carla Guimarães was born in Salvador da Bahia on 13 March 1975 and lives in Madrid since 2001. She has a degree in Social Communication from the Universitat Catòlica de Salvador and a doctorate in Theater Theory, History and practice from Alcalá d’Henares University. A journalist for the EFE Agency and a contributor to the El País newspaper, she works as a screenwriter for channels like HBO and Spanish TV’s channel 2. She is also the author of the screenplays for the feature films Estranhos (that premiered 25/4/2015, Araçá Azul production company, Brazil) and Filho da puta (in development, Otto Desenhos production company – Brazil). 

As a playwright, she is also the author of works like Chuvisco, el bandolero arisco (winner of the award for best Brazilian cultural dissemination in Spain, awarded by the Brazilian Embassy in 2012), Hendaya: cuando Adolfo encontró a Paco (Nuevo Teatro Alcalá, season 2012 / Teatro do Bairro, season 2015), El gato y la golondrina (Teatro Circo Murcia, season 2013), La increíble historia de la chica que llegó la última (candidate for best theatrical authorship at the 2014 Max theater awards / selected for the 2014 New Plays from Europe festival / Sala Cuarta Pared, season 2014 / Theater Baden-Baden, Germany, season 2015) and La confesión de Lola (second prize 2013 Teatro Circo Price de Textos Breves  Award – performed at the Teatro Circo Price in 2014). In addition, she has translated the novels Entre as mulheres, de Rafael Cardoso, and Quiça, by Luisa Geisler, for the Siruela publishing company, and is the author of the novel Los últimos días de carnaval, published in Spain by Ediciones Ambulantes.





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