Sitges Bacanal

SITGES BACANAL, a proposal combining cuisine and cinema that reinterprets the Festival’s leitmotiv for the present year.

This is an exceptional event for 140 people who will be able to enjoy a unique experience,  which will take place next Friday, October 11 at 10:45 pm at L'Òpera Bistro Sitges, side by side with the most exclusive guests from the 52stFestival.

This year the theme is Mad Max, and the proposal is designed by chef Albert Jubany, from L'Òpera Bistro Sitges.

Please feel welcome! 


Sitges, October 11th, 2019


Mistinguett Gasoline Welcome Drink

Cactus Pearls with Salmorejo Tomato Puree

Crispy Shrimp and Cricket Omelet with Tomato


"Mad Max" Surprise Tartare

“Unidentified” meat with Prickly Pear Chutney

Some Desert Rocks

Sand and Subsoil

Wez’s Mohawk

Plymouth Rock Car

Black Gold from the Refinery

"Worm" in Salsa

Nux & Immortan Joe

Meat and Petroleum


Granulated Milk

Sweet Cactus, White Chocolate in Edible Sand

Cricket Bonbons Dipped in Chocolate

Coffee Candelas and bonbons Valrhona


Rosado Aire de Protos 2018

Parajes de Callejo 2016

Avelino Vegas 2015

Domènech Vidal / Freyé.

Xarel·lo - Chardonnay

Cava Mistinguett Sparking / Brut Nature

Cerveza Moritz

Royal Bliss

Coca Cola