One of the activities this year’s festival would like to highlight is the consolidation of its structure in sections that have yielded such excellent results when it comes to locating target publics by segments in recent years. With the powerful Official Fantàstic Selection including two in-competition branches (Sitges 44 and Òrbita, formerly Panorama in-competition) and an out-of-competition Panorama Section, Sitges branches out with a very strong Noves Visions Section, consecrating the most daring, experimental and groundbreaking fantastic films, as well as the characteristic and very popular Casa Àsia, Anima’t and Midnight X-Treme sections, plus the now classic Critics’ week, known as Seven Chances.

This year we add a new Festival brand and hallmark, Sitges Family, aimed at helping our younger ones get to know fantastic and animated cinema and the global audiovisual phenomenon, and intended to train the future spectator’s eye.

We continue with our commitment to retrospective vision, through our popular thematic frameworks that give each year’s Festival a meaning, or transverse programming lines like the impact of September 11th or Artificial Intelligence this year. This is the Festival’s way of promoting tributes to historic genre figures, both in the consolidated field of directing and that of characteristic actors in the history of fantasy or the recognition of national artists.

We have also reinforced the role of the short film, adding this format to Noves Visions and reaffirming its importance in the Official Selection or in Anima’t.

It is imperative to point out the importance this year of interactivity between the press and the public through an increase of post screenings, master classes and other activities (in the movie theaters themselves or spaces like the Sitges Fòrum – Tramuntana Room or the new Espai FNAC Fòrum) revolving around the protagonists, which complement the crowded press conferences, despite still maintaining them justifiably but not obligatorily.

Finally we’d like to emphasize the Festival’s interest in opening up to fields like the videogame, the comic, the new mass communication media or genre televison, laying the foundations starting now to confirm novelties in these fields at upcoming festival editions, and to help in the search for international talent and the global marketing of our national product, highlighting Catalonia’s role as a worldwide authority in genre film production.

Press here to see the list of guests.
Press here to see a preview of the press programme (October 6-9th)

Jack Daniel's Sitges Zombie Walk - Friday October 14th
The 4th edition of the zombie walk will be held on October 14th, beginning at 20:30h at the Miramar Building, with the participation of the stars of the movie Juan de los Muertos for the starting signal, and will travel around Sitges until finishing at the  Passeig de la Ribera promenade. Following the Zombie Walk there will be a free party on the beach (starting at 22:00 on the Passeig de la Ribera promenade) with performances by Los Tiki Phantoms, presented by the FIB (Benicássim International Festival) and DJ Niño (The Pinker Tones). The party will continue on 1r de Maig Street, with the participation of the local bars and clubs and Jack Daniel's. + info here

Nova Autoria
The cooperation keeps going on among SGAE, Fundación Autor, Buñuel Institute, SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia and the Catalan film schools. Its objective is discovering new talents and promoting new filmmakers, as well as screening the best works by film school students in Catalonia. + info here

SITGES 2011 will give the following honorary awards (+ info here):
Grand Honorary Award
Bryan Singer – October 11th 20:30h before Emergo
Màquina del Temps
Jaume Balagueró – October 8th 22:45h before Mientras Duermes
Michael Biehn – October 7th 18:00h before The Divide
Ching Siu Tung – October 9th 18:45h before The Sorcerer and the White Snake
Michael Ironside – October 14th 20:45h before El Páramo
Barbara Steele – October 15th 19:45h Closing Night
Maria Honorífica
Bigas Luna – October 6th 19:45h Opening Night
Josep Maria Casasús – October 6th 19:45h Opening Night
Mar Targarona –October 6th 19:45h Opening Night
Caroline Williams – October 12th 18:45h before Apollo 18
Gonzalo Suárez – October 13th 22:30h Méliès Night
Pedro Olea – October 14th 18:45h before El Callejón
Nosferatu Award
Luigi Cozzi – October 8th 16:00h before Sint

SITGES 2011 Jury consists of (+ info here):
Fantàstic Jury
J.A. Bayona (Director)
Seng Wan Ryoo (Director)
Ashley Laurence (Actress)
Quim Casas (Critic)
Lisa Marie (Actress)
Noves Visions Jury
Loris Omedes (Producer)
Javi Giner (Producer)
Anaïs Emery (Neuchatel Festival Director)
Anima’t / Casa Asia Jury
Carles Santamaría (Saló del Còmic Director)
Pil-Sung Yim (Director)
Jordi Ojeda (UPC Professor)
Méliès Jury
Álex Aguilera (Critic)
Manlio Gomarasca (Critic)
Paco Cabezas (Director)
Brigadoon Jury
Leticia Dolera (Actress)
Adrián Cardona (Director)
Rafa Dengrà (Director)
Carnet Jove Jury
Alberto Martín
Sergi Marí
David Vilaplana
Eric Antonell
Gerard Fossas
Nova Autoria Jury
Arnau Bataller (Composer)
Sílvia Munt (Director and writer)
Maria Ripoll (Director, producer and writer)
Critic Jury
Desirée de Fez
Carlos Losilla
Beatriz Martínez

Sitges Fòrum
In Sitges, films go way beyond the screen and are complemented with a series of Festival-related talks. Debates on videogames, a new look at the Internet, the creation of visual effects accessible to everyone, an incredible exhibition on artificial intelligence… All this and much more will be in the Sitges Fòrum, where movie lovers can enjoy presentations and master classes, and conversations with the protagonists that will be attending SITGES 2011. The Sitges Fòrum will be held in two different areas: The Tramuntana Room and Espai Fnac. Among all the activities programmed there are the A. I., Eva, Verbo or Extraterrestre Master Classes; presentations of the upcoming films by J.A. Bayona or the Pastor Brothers; the filming of the program Cine Basura (Canal +); the presentation of the Festival book, “Twilight Zone” or the videogame roundtable programmed along with Gamelab. In addition, there will be encounters with Official Fantàstic Selection film directors and with actors and actresses that the Festival is paying tribute to.
To see the programme at Sala Tramuntana, click here.
To download the programme at Espai Fnac, click here.

“Artificial Intelligence: Designing the Future” Exhibition
The Miramar Building will be housing an exhibition focusing on the works that graphic designer Chris Baker created with Stanley Kubrick during the years that the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) project was in gestation. These pieces were later the basis for the work done by artistic director Rick Carter, visual effects creator Dennis Emmurallin and Steven Spielberg himself when they conceived the story’s final movie version. Jan Harlan, the film’s executive producer, and Chris Baker himself will be in Sitges to talk about his work and present the exhibition. Every day, Miramar, Building, free entrance.

Renfe Rodalies – Fantastic Train
Rodalies de Catalunya, Catalonia’s local train, will once again be scheduling its special daily train to provide return transportation from the SITGES – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. The train will operate every night from 6 to 16 October, departing from Sitges at 1:30 a.m. Passengers using this special service can board the train with a valid transport ticket in accordance with regulations applied by Rodalies de Catalunya. + info here

Activities in the town of Sitges
The Sitges Town Council will be organizing different events to bring the Festival closer to the citizens of Sitges and create synergies. The Town Hall has worked with the organization on activities like decorating 1r de Maig Street, energizing the schools or creating Fantastic Menus at collaborating restaurants.

Sitges Talent HUB
Sitges has created the “SITGES TALENT HUB” concept for the international exposure of young film talents. To achieve this, representatives from important actors’ and directors’ talent agencies from the American market will be attending the Festival.

Catalan Films & TV activities
Catalan Films & TV will be organizing a series of activities at the Festival on 10 October, with the symposium “Internet and Europe: challenges and opportunities for our cinema”, and also there will be a Videogame conference, organized once again with Televisió de Catalunya, divided into 2 large sections: “Videogame and audiovisual production” and “Multi-platforms” as new business models. + info here

Film schools
The Festival will be collaborating with learning centers like the Ramon Llull University, through conferences on 9/11; the Escac, along the lines of previous years programming master classes, or La Casa del Cine, with whom they’ll be presenting the course Sitges Factory. In addition, two Honorary Maria Awards will be given to Josep Maria Casasús, Doctor of Information Sciences at the Pompeu Fabra University (Education Award), and Mar Targarona, from the Taller de Guionistas (Screenwriter’s Workshop) at Rodar y Rodar (Catalan Film Industry Award). Both awards will be handed out at the Opening Gala. – Egeda platform
EGEDA, through EGEDA DIGITAL, will be creating a specific platform for the Festival within its FILMOTECH.COM portal, VEOSITGES.CAT, a virtual room where the official jury, press and film industry will have access codes to view certain films. + info here

Filmoteca de Catalunya
The Festival and the Filmoteca de Catalunya (Film Library of Catalonia) will be programming a film series dedicated to director Bigas Luna, who will receive the Honorary Maria Award at the Opening Gala from Esteve Riambau (director of the Filmoteca)

Other News:
Jack Daniel's Sitges Zombie Walk 2011 will be held on October 14th
BRIGADOON 2011. Luigi Cozzi, Jean Rollin and José María Oliveira
Nova Autoria. With new talents
The eagerly-awaited prequel of The Thing to close the Festival
Francis Ford Coppola, Kevin Smith and the duo Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury to the Official Fantàstic Selection
Bryan Singer, SITGES 2011 Grand Honorary Award
Discover this year's commercial spot
Casa Asia: an special attention to the oriental cinema
Noves Visions 2011: an exquisite selection
SITGES 2011, an edition inspired by artificial intelligence
Eva, by Kike Maíllo, to open the Festival´s 44th edition

44th edition | 6-16th October 2011 |
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