Millennium 2



The second part of the highly popular “Millennium” saga, The Girl Who Played with Fire, will be premiering at Sitges’09 at the Melià’s Auditori on Sunday October 11th at 15:00, after the incredible success of Millennium Part 1: Men Who Hate Women. Stieg Larsson’s saga has become a worldwide phenomenon following the death of the Swedish writer, having sold over one million copies in Spain alone and with spectacular box office numbers. The controversial journalist Michael Blomkvist and the sinister hacker Lisbeth Salander, who had done an in-depth investigation of the wealthy Harriet Vanger’s mysterious disappearance in the first film, are back at the orders of Swedish filmmaker Daniel Alfredson, Thomas’ brother, director of the big hit Let the Right One In. Tremendous action and intrigue. Will Blomkvist find the missing Lisbeth? Be the first to find out at 09.

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Edición: 2009
Sección: Sitges Especials
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