Class of 1984

de Mark L. Lester


Andy es un profesor de música recién llegado a un instituto especialmente violento. Pronto se enemistará con Peter Stegman, el cabecilla de los alumnos criminales, y aulas y pasillos terminarán pareciendo más una zona de guerra que un lugar de estudio.


Mark L. Lester

Director, writer, and producer Mark L. Lester has created high-action films throughout his career, including some of the world's biggest box office draws.His directorial expertise has garnered praise for such films as Arnold Schwarzenegger's box office mega hit Commando, Stephen King's supernatural thriller Firestarter, with Drew Barrymore and Martin Sheen, Showdown in Little Tokyo, starring Dolph Lundgren and the late Brandon Lee in his first major role, and two frighteningly prophetic films about the state of society - Class of 1984, with Michael J. Fox in his first film role, and the sequel Class of 1999.In addition to receiving international critical acclaim, Mark L. Lester's films are box office hits. Commando was an international success story, grossing over 120 million dollars, and Class of 1984 was a number one U.S. box office draw and became the top grossing film in many major markets around the world.Lester's career as a director was launched when his first feature project, the highly acclaimed Twilight of the Mayas, won top honors at the Venice Film Festival. His breakout film was the disco era story Roller Boogie, starring Linda Blair. He also directed the smash comedy Armed and Dangerous, starring John Candy and Meg Ryan. Included in his earlier credits are such non-stop action films as Steel Arena, Truck Stop Women, Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw, and Stunts.Having amassed credits on more than 17 films, Lester founded and became President of American World Pictures in 1993, devoting himself to producing and distributing films in the same genres he helped to popularize.Since the company's formation, Lester has created an impressive body of work. He has produced and directed Pterodactyl, the highest-rated Sci-Fi Channel feature film; thrillers Groupie, White Rush, and Stealing Candy; the action-packed Betrayal; thriller Sacrifice with Michael Madsen; action-thrillers Blowback and Hitman's Run; military thrillers The Base and The Base II - Guilty As Charged; suspense thrillers Misbegotten, Double Take, and The Ex; Public Enemy #1, an HBO feature with Theresa Russell and James Marsden; Night of the Running Man, starring Scott Glenn and Andrew McCarthy; and the acclaimed action thriller Extreme Justice. In addition, Lester has produced many other successful films, including Jabberwock, Sinbad and the Minotaur, Beauty and the Beast, Yeti, Lost Colony, and Day of Wrath starring Christopher Lambert.For more than 20 years, Mark L. Lester has overseen the development and distribution of over a hundred films at American World Pictures. Lester founded Titan Global Entertainment in 2012 to continue producing and directing quality features for many years to come.Mark's level of experience and relationships within the film industry are a valuable commodity. He is a talented director and a seasoned filmmaker, financier, and producer.

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Edición: 2012
Sección: Sitges Clàssics - Neo culto focus
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