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Theaters and venues

Hotel Meliá Sitges

Hotel Meliá Sitges. Auditorio and Sala Tramuntana.

The central headquarters of the Festival has two projection rooms: the Auditorium, with capacity for 1,380 spectators, and the Tramuntana Room, where 400 journalists gather first thing in the morning to enjoy press screenings.


Cinema el Retiro

Emblematic room, Cine El Retiro is located in the centre of Sitges. With a capacity of 600 seats, it hosts the best premieres of the Panorama and Midnight X-treme sections.


Cinema Casino Prado

Another indisputable space of the DNA of Sitges. A temple for unconditional sections such as New Visions, Anima't or Seven Chances, in addition to night sessions and marathons.

Merxandatge molt Sitges

King Kong Area: Fanshop

Look and find the best selection of gadgets. Only suitable for the most fanatics!

Yummy yummy

King Kong Area: Foodtastic

Recover your energy with the deliciously fantastic menus!

Fantastic Kids

King Kong Area: Mercat Vell

Enjoy the cinema with the family and teach the little ones the love for the fantastic!


Brigadoon. L'escorxador.

The free section of the Festival has a very appropriate space, the old village slaughterhouse. Between its noucentista-style walls, lovers of national cinema and the most succulent audiovisual rarities meet. This section has its own award, the Nosferatu Award.

Meeting Point

King Kong Area: Meeting Point

The King Kong Area is the new link between the Hotel Meliá Sitges and the centre of town. Something that already arose naturally and that the Festival wanted to dress up and provide services to improve the experience of its fans. The meeting point for fantasy lovers.

Centre Cultural Miramar

King Kong Area: Centre Cultural Miramar & Estudi Vidal

With free admission and an auditorium suitable for 90 people, the Miramar Cultural Centre hosts some of Sitges' satellite activities, especially the exhibitions.