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We Are Legend

We are the generation that will change the world; we are the first step towards a better future. Understanding that with great power comes great responsibility, we focus part of our energy and our influence on strenghening sustainability and justice as pillars of our society; as the relationship with our planet.


Our comprehensive commitment to sustainability is divided into 3 main areas of action:

  • Environmental commitment (#sustainable)
  • Social and territorial commitment (#inclusive)
  • Governance, strategic management and dissemination (#committed)



1. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Protection:

  • We ensure the protection of ecosystems impacted by the Festival, preventing waste from falling into the sea and limiting the acoustic and lighting impact in the King Kong Area.
  • We promote consciousness-raising and awareness-raising activities for the preservation of the natural environment, thanks to our collaboration with Biodiversitat Sitges.

2. Sustainable Mobility:

  • We promote the use of public transport among all attendees with the Fantastic Train initiative and discounts on the Price of Sale to the Public for the bus line between the train station and the Hotel Melià.
  • We use a fleet of hybrid and electric cars thanks to our collaboration with sponsors including Cupra and Wallbox.
  • We minimize our guests' travel, encouraging the most sustainable options when booking their trips, choosing hotels close to our facilities to minimize transfers and urging them to walk, discouraging the use of drivers for short distances.

3. Energy Efficiency:

  • We encourage energy efficiency measures at all Festival venues and with our collaborators in the King Kong Area's gastronomic spaces, as a requirement for collaborating with the Sitges Film Festival, as well as energy savings in all collaborating spaces.

4. Waste Management:

  • We prevent waste generation with a system of reusable and returnable glasses.
  • We require all dining establishments in the King Kong Area to use environmentally friendly tableware/cutlery.
  • We reduce the amount of paper employed.
  • We encourage selective collection through comprehensive management and planning.

5. Reusable Materials:

  • We prioritize the use of rental infrastructures and materials.
  • We reuse decorations and signage from previous editions to give these materials greater life. We donate materials such as artificial grass for reuse following the event.

6. Responsible consumption:

  • We encourage responsible purchasing and consumption through the communication of our Sustainable Purchasing Policy.
  • We ask our suppliers for eco-certification.

7. Sustainable Food:

  • We promote the presence of healthy, Km 0 locally sourced food options with a low environmental impact in the menus of the dining spaces in the King Kong Area and the Festival Village.

8. Responsible Water:

  • We promote water saving with the installation of efficient porta-potty toilets.
  • We promote access to free water fountains by highlighting them on the Festival map.
  • We avoid pollution and improper wastewater spillage by using environmentally friendly cleaning products and installing a sink in the food truck area.

9. Carbon footprint:

  • We calculate the carbon footprint derived from the Festival's direct and indirect activities (Scope 1, 2 and 3).
  • We offset unavoidable emissions, supporting acknowledged environmental projects.



10. Relationship with the local community:

  • We promote the participation of local residents during and well beyond the Festival, with initiatives like the Children's Gymkhana, Cinema a la Fresca outdoor screenings in Plaza Cataluña, the Fantàstic Kids Exhibition and the summer lineup at the Port of Aiguadolç Marina and Sitges' Museums.

11. Inclusiveness and Accessibility:

  • We study the needs of different groups, thanks to the Ecom Foundation's accessibility study.
  • We have preferential seating for users with special needs during screenings.
  • We have promoted synergies with social and educational projects, for example, the co-organization of the Charity Gala with the Red Cross, based on the leitmotiv of a film to support marginalized groups and the acknowledgement of LGTB+ diversity with the "Queer Kong" or "Queer Rocky Award", from the Colores Sitges Link LGTBIQ+ association.

12. Gender equity:

  • Through our WomanInFan initiative, we promote female talent in fantastic genre filmmaking by providing grants, recovering the memory of trailblazing women and highlighting the presence of artists and professionals in our lineup.
  • We ensure a Festival free of sexist violence with the "Punt Lila" (Purple Point) and the adoption of a protocol against aggressions and harassment.
  • We encourage the presence and leadership of women in our team.

13. Promotion of the local fabric:

  • We favor collaborations with SMEs in Sitges' restaurant sector through the Fantàstics circuit.
  • We give visibility to local artists in the Festival's parallel activities. We prioritize the collaboration and hiring of local suppliers and sponsors.



14. Sustainability strategy and action plan:

  • We have established a well-founded sustainability strategy, including a detailed action plan with key indicators. In addition, we have a sustainability manager on our team, with external support from qualified experts, to ensure its success and effectiveness.

15. Transparency:

  • We work towards the goal of obtaining AGF (A Greener Future) certification and transparently communicate our plans and results with the publication of our sustainability report.

16. Legal compliance and requirements:

  • We include binding environmental and social sustainability criteria when sourcing suppliers.
  • We have a register containing up-to-date regulations on environmental and social sustainability for a complete understanding of laws and regulations.

17. Awareness and Communication:

  • We have a comprehensive sustainability communication strategy, which includes both internal (dissemination of best practices and training for employees) and external actions (sustainability stand to inform people during the Festival, educate and raise awareness among participants regarding the Festival's sustainable initiatives, group of sustainability volunteers, information on sustainability actions and best practices in the welcome kit for accredited guests, signage with best practices for the general public...).