It’s Bloody Green

The Sitges Film Festival adheres to the declaration of climatic emergency pronounced by the filmmaker Denis Villeneuve in Venice.

Denis Villeneuve Director i escriptor  de cinema francès canadenc.
Denis Villeneuve French Canadian film director and writer.

“We are facing a climatic and ecological emergency. It is our task to change our way of relating to the world; move away from fossil fuels, exploitation and individualism, towards stewardship, sharing and community.

Only by changing ourselves will we become agents of change for the Transition. We must face the challenge of the Transition with the mentality that this is our greatest task as a society”.

We are talking about a commitment without turning back, orchestrated in Sitges through ten objectives:

  • Health and well-being

    Promote the health and well-being of both attendees and all the agents involved in the organization of the Festival

  • Gender Equality

    Make visible and strengthen the role of women in fantastic cinematography

  • Clean water and sanitation

    Promote responsible water consumption, promoting water saving, awareness efforts and wastewater treatment

  • Affordable and non-polluting energy

    Promote the energy transition towards sources with the least environmental impact

  • Decent work and economic growth

    Generate quality employment through inclusive and equitable working conditions and facilitating training processes

  • Reduction of inequalities

    Promote the inclusion and accessibility of all groups, especially vulnerable groups.

  • Sustainable cities and communities

    Collaborate with local entities and organizations in respect of environmental and social requirements

  • Responsible production and consumption

    Prevent and minimize the generation of waste, promoting the reuse of materials, selective collection and the purchase of sustainable products

  • Climate action

    Make the organization's environmental commitment visible and raise awareness regarding climate change mitigation, through the promotion of sustainable mobility

  • Alliances to achieve the objectives

    Foster and promote alliances with the various agents involved in the Festival to exchange knowledge and resources in order to jointly contribute to sustainable development.

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