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Fantastic 7 unveils 2024 film selection for its 6th edition showcase in Cannes

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Fantastic 7, an event celebrating genre-bending films from around the world, is set to return to the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes this year, unveiling a fresh new lineup. This year marks the 6th edition of the international showcase, organized by Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia and the Marché du Film.

Each year, seven renowned film festivals – recognized for their commitment to support groundbreaking genre films and fostering film talents – endorse a fantastic film project to be showcased in Cannes at the Marché du Film. These promising works-in-progress (in various stages of post-production) are presented by the filmmaking teams during a live pitching session, designed to bolster their film projects and connect them with potential investors, sales agents and distributors.

Continuing its tradition, Fantastic 7 annually elects a notable industry figure to serve as the Fantastic Godfather/Godmother of the event. This year, the honour is bestowed upon Tenerife-born writer, producer and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, a pivotal figure when it comes to understanding the latest wave of Spanish genre films that have captivated global audiences over the past decades. Fresnadillo's impressive portfolio includes such films as Linked, Intacto, 28 Weeks Later, Intruders and, more recently, Netflix's new global hit Damsel.

Fresnadillo will join a diverse audience of industry professionals and genre film enthusiasts at the Fantastic 7 showcase, which will be held on Sunday, 19 May at 12:00 (Palais K, Palais des Festivals)

The presented film selection spans a multitude of genres – from romance to science fiction, horror to adventure, and beyond – while tackling challenging themes such as grappling with grief, the power of imagination, confronting disease stigma and navigating cultural misunderstandings. Audiences can also expect a captivating mix of magical realism, intense psychological drama, wry humor and evocative historical folklore. 




1. DANIELA FOREVER | by Nacho Vigalondo

Genre: Romance / Fantasy

When Nicolas (Henry Golding) is invited to a clinical trial allowing participants to control their dreams, he takes the plunge in hopes of recovering from the tragic loss of his girlfriend, Daniela (Beatrice Grannò). But as his lucid dreams bring Daniela back to him, Nicolas becomes obsessed with the fantasy world that he's created and finds that his dreams aren’t as perfect as they seem.

Presented by Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia


2. ESPER’S LIGHT | by Jae-hoon Jung

Genre: Teen Fantasy Documentary / Science-Fiction / Horror / Adventure 

Around ten teenagers live in a world where anyone can be whoever they want and create any story they wish. Amidst the pitch-black night of Lisan City, Alstroemeria Forest, and Ashua Island, their imagined stories flow through myriad choices, seeking out faint glimmers of light.

Presented by Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival


3. A TALE OF A FEATHER & A FISH | by Ahmed El-Hawarey

Genre: Mystery / Drama / Magical Realism / Disability Culture

Mahmoud & Laila inherit a rare genetic disease that causes severe paralysis, which has left their family in an endless circle of doubt and fear, desperately seeking salvation, which they find in abundance through Laila & Mahmoud.

Presented by Cairo International Film Festival


4. MALEFICARUM | by Antonio Gäehd

Genre: Horror / Drama

In the depths of the desert, Delia, a vengeful teenager, summons an ancient king who grants her a crown of seven flames, laden with seven curses, to use against the girls who have harassed her and her friend for years. 

Presented by Guadalajara International Film Festival


5. MOMMY’S HOME | by James Morosini

Genre: Horror / Comedy / Sci-fi / Erotic Thriller

A horror comedy about a young dad whose life is upended when his young mom, resurrected as a hot 24-year-old, unleashes havoc on his family, marriage, and sanity.

Presented by SXSW South by Southwest Film & TV Festival


6. DOG OF GOD | by Raitis & Lauris Ābele

Genre: Adult Folk Tale

In a 17th century Swedish Livonian village, constant rain and drunkenness prevail. When a stolen relic sparks witchcraft accusations, an 80-year-old self-proclaimed werewolf named the Dog of God arrives with a mysterious gift: The Devil's Balls. 

Selected by PÖFF - Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival


7. FOREIGN BODY | by Tom Sainsbury

Genre: Psychological Horror

A European gap-year student moves in with a New Zealand family to experience their ‘culture’, but quickly discovers the psychologically damaged and dangerous truth behind their polite smiles and warm hospitality.

Selected by New Zealand International Film Festival