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Board games on the street

Apte per a menors


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Enter the world of fantasy by playing!

Abacus sponsors this space, a time to experiment through board games. You will find the board game space outside the Mercat Vell. A time to delve into the world of fantasy while playing.

The selection of games you will find is:



From 10 years

Game of celebrities and lapidary phrases. Up to 8 people can enjoy this party game that offers a cooperative version and a competitive version for teams. In each round, one player takes on the role of “Aurora the Gravedigger,” a glamorous woman who only buries celebrities. To win the undertaker, the participants will have to use their imagination to associate popular proverbs and sayings with famous deceased people, real or from the world of fiction, and get the rest to discover their associations.



From 10 years

A fast-paced game for 2 players with giant cards! Put yourself in the role of Cassandra or Sibyl, psychics who confront each other with the help of the 12 signs of the zodiac and the power of the stars. Game duration: 15 minutes.



From 8 years

A game that allows interaction between players. A fallera has died and has been resurrected as a zombie and there is only one way to calm her from her apocalyptic rage: to cook her a good frying pan. The first player to get it will win. From 2 to 5 players.



From 8 years

Board game with simple mechanics so that children and adults can play. In addition, it has two game options: basic and advanced. It is about an eccentric family of farmers: four grandchildren fighting to inherit the land of their ghost grandmother. Players must plant vegetables, carnivorous flowers or even mandrakes. They will water and fertilize, acquire animals and try to sell their products at the best price.



From 4 years

At the high school of magic today is sewing class, but we won't make dresses, we will create monsters! Once the body part cards have been distributed, a fast-paced game begins to discover who is the fastest in bringing their Frankenstein to life. A board game with simple rules for quick fun, while developing fine motor skills, concentration, observation and imagination. From 1 to 6 players.



From 6 years

It is a card game in which players must get rid of the dirty clothes, books and food that Agus has scattered around the room. It is a basic game with several levels of strategy, which will make both adults and children enjoy together. From 2 to 6 players. Catalan edition.


1 2 3 BITMAX

From 3 years

Fantastic themed game designed for the little ones where players will have to use their memory. They will have to remember the cards that are on the table, since with their eyes closed they will have to be able to discover the correct card and turn it over. Whoever gets the most cards will have won the game.



Card game for two or more players set in a fantastic world in which different mythologies coexist. It is a different and dynamic game designed to build different fights with very varied strategies, with each installment both the number of mythologies and the game possibilities expand.



Sci-fi card game coming out this year. It is a game in which you will recreate the typical chase scenes typical of science fiction. The predator against its prey and the monster against the human being. Try to escape from the Adaptoid over 12 turns, moving through the rooms, trying to hide and prepare for when combat is inevitable. If, on the other hand, you are the Adaptoid, you will have to guess which room the geneticist is hiding in to hunt him down.