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Education: the Gaze Bias

FANTASTIC GEOGENRE: I Meeting of European Female Filmmakers Specializing in the Fantastic Genre

This meeting is part of the strategic program WomanInFan of the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. For this first edition, the meeting is made up of six activities:

Education: the Gaze Bias

One of the debates behind the different roles in the film industry points to the social and educational environment as the first source of prejudice. Which film professions are traditionally reserved for women and what influence schools and universities have had in shaping them is the starting point for this roundtable, moderated by the screenwriter and president of the audiovisual rights management entity DAMA, Virginia Yagüe. With the presence also of representatives of the audiovisual sector and who will talk about their responsibility as "agents of change" in these perceptions.


  • Sergi Casamitjana, Director of ESCAC, a film trainig center with former students such as J.A. Bayona or Kike Maíllo.
  • Céline Rouzet, director of En attendant la nuit.


  • Virginia Yagüe, screenwriter, producer and writer. President of DAMA.