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Leadership and references in the fantastic genre

FANTASTIC GEOGENRE: I Meeting of European Female Filmmakers Specializing in the Fantastic Genre

This meeting is part of the strategic program WomanInFan of the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. For this first edition, the meeting is made up of six activities:

Leadership and references in the fantastic genre: the creation of a storytelling by female filmmakers

How female creators working in the fantastic genre have carved out their niche in the industry and how their experience differs from one country to another is the starting point of this roundtable. The genre tradition differs according to the territory and statistics also show a very different number of films directed by women in each country. Cultural and social reasons, industry trends, lack of references... each experience draws a different casuistry, which we will represent with female directors from Italy, France, Poland and Spain. All of their testimonies will serve as proof of how European fantastic films directed by women contribute more and more to the creation of new narratives and monster.


  • Agnieszka Smoczynska, Polish director, responsible for titles such as The Lure. 
  • Milena Cocozza, one of the very few Italian women directors of the fantastic and responsible for the film Letto Numero 6.
  • Ángeles Huerta, director of O Corpo Aberto, an almost poetic approach with supernatural components.


  • Silvia Pérez de Pablos, Institutional Director of Audiovisual of the SGAE Foundation.