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FANTASTIC GEOGENRE: I Meeting of European Female Filmmakers Specializing in the Fantastic Genre

This meeting is part of the strategic program WomanInFan of the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. For this first edition, the meeting is made up of six activities:

Creating amazing worlds: the role of women in fantasy film special effects

In this round table, three women who are leaders in the special effects industry will share their professional experiences, addressing topics such as their careers, the sources of inspiration that drove them, the challenges they faced and overcame, as well as their innovative projects and outstanding collaborations.


  • María Luisa Pino, editor and special effects technician and special effects makeup artist.
  • Montse Ribé, special effects makeup artist.
  • Mónica Murguía, special effects technician and special effects makeup artist.


Víctor García, director and special makeup effects technician.