Three pieces for the killer. Jazz, Rock and Electronica in Crime and Horror Films

An official book from the Sitges-International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia in which Pacus González Centeno chronologically analyzes, decade by decade, the relationship between different styles of popular music and the main stylemes of genre films from the second half of the twentieth century. Cover illustration: Miki Edge.

The Beast Within. Hydes, Lycanthropes and Other Therianthropic Figures in the Audiovisual Imaginary

This book is an invitation to explore the different aspects of the cinematic treatment of the beast that resides within human beings. Werewolves, Hyde lords, cat women and other human-beast crossbreeds parade through its pages in a journey that spans from the foundational texts of Greco-Latin culture to contemporary film and from classical Hollywood to Eastern European auteur cinema. The topics and places visited in this book offer readers a chance to take a head-on look at these inner beasts, which are nothing more than incarnations of what frightens us about ourselves.

Coordinated by Ángel Sala and Jordi Sánchez-Navarro, The Beast Within features contributions by the coordinators themselves and by Lluís Rueda, Violeta Kovacsics, Marta Torres, Diego López and Mike Hostench. In these authors' writings, readers will find texts of various kinds, in a polyphony of formats and styles that provide new perspectives and new ideas regarding a fantastic film legend that continues to enjoy enormous vitality. Cover illustration: Miki Edge.

Kong N' Roll is the official album at #Sitges2021

Presented in a 2 LP vinyl format, it is the musical evolution of "Tres piezas para el asesino. Jazz, rock y electrónica en el cine de criminal y de terror" , one of the Festival's official books, and has been co-published by its author, Pacus González Centeno, and the Sawyer Family Party label. It contains 26 versions by different local bands: Piggies perform Rolling Stones, Deadyard perform Black Sabbath and Sinciders perform Yardbirds, among others. The cover, by Guillem Bosch, is a tribute to the Festival.