The Coming Soon is one of the main programs of the Festival. It presents horror, sci-fi or fantasy films on different formats: feature films, short films, series, mini-series and documentaries.  Coming Soon is a selection of the upcoming Catalan, Spanish and Latin American productions. 




The Fear of the Others

Logline: Two survivors of a pandemic get an unexpected visit that would make the questioning their own sense of humanity.
Director: Guillem Valle
Cast: Noela Roibas, Roberto Vivancos, Preston Hartley
Genre: Science Fiction
Nationality: Spain, UK
Producer: Guillem Valle & Noela Roibas
Status: Finished
Synopsis: Months after a disease has decimated the world's population, Sara and Albert are visited by a man in distress who poses a dilemma: To risk their lives and save a stranger or leave him to his fate awaiting certain death.



The Last Zombie

Logline: soon, we will all be zombies.
Director: Martin Basterretche
Cast: Matías Desiderio, Tony Lestingi, Adriana Ferrer, Alexia Moyano, Clara Kovacic and Maia Francia
Genre: Horror
Nationality: Argentina
Producer: Martin Basterretche - Mariano Oliveros – Daniel Ibarrart
Status: Postproducción
Looking for: Contact international distributors and sales agents or financial partners to complete VFX smoothly and Contact with festival programmers
Synopsis: What would happen if in a few hours a zombie infection devastated the entire planet and found us isolated in an old inn in a secluded spa? Zombies with white eyes and pleading arms. They do not bite, they do not attack, they roam the beach and the forest like banshees, emitting blood-curdling groans. How to act when it is known that there is no chance of surviving the contagion? Nicolás Finnigan is the last to resist and will have just enough time to write this story that perhaps no one will ever read. Soon we will all be zombies.



Logline: Beware of the nets of hell
Director: José Miguel Zúñiga, Sandra Arriagada, Camilo León & Lucio A. Rojas
Executive producers: José Miguel Zúñiga & Lucio A. Rojas
Genre: Fantasy/horror/Black Comedy
Nationality: Chile
Production Company: Sunrise Films, Femtastica Films. Fascinante Films
Status: Postproduction
Looking for: Sales Agent North America, Europe and Asia. 
Synopsis:  Four stories where an APP will open the doors to mystery and horror.
A young woman, in the hands of a group of perverts, belonging to a sinister network dedicated to the online transmission of abuse for high spheres of power.
A voyeur, who will discover that his neighbors hide dark secrets that he wishes he had never ... heard.
A little boy, used by his father to make dating online, will discover an enormous power to defend himself.
A group of friends on their way to a beautiful cabin rented online, will fall into the hands of a sinister occult sect that hides behind this business.



Twisting The Aces

Logline: Martín is a young amateur card magician. One night he meets Sofía, who leads him to discover the true power of her magic.
Director: Sebastián Tabany & Fernando Díaz
Cast: Juan Grandinetti, Carolina Kopelioff, Lautaro Delgado Tymruk, Romina Gaetani, Estéban Pérez, Thelma Fardin
Genre: Fantastic / Comedy
Nationality: Argentina
Producer: Machaco Films
Status: Post-Production
Looking For: International Sales Agent / Participation In Festivals
Synopsis: Martin (Juan Grandinetti) works as a croupier at the casino at night and during the day he studies and practices card magic. In a show, Martín meets Sofía (Carolina Kopelioff) and falls in love at first sight. As the days go by, his love radically changes his way of making illusions, transporting him to a magical world that he did not think possible.


Logline: A powerful sorcerer locked in a Psychiatric Hospital must escape to rescue his daughter from the clutches of KUARAHYÁ, an aboriginal demon.
Director: Fabián Forte
Cast: Germán De Silva, Lorena Vega, Ezequiel Rodríguez
Genre: Fantastic/Terror
Nationality: Argentina
Producer company: Coruya cine
Producer: Javier Díaz 
Status: rodaje - Posproducción 
Looking For: Festivales / Promoción / Distribuidores 
Synopsis: ANTONIO POYJU a powerful sorcerer  belonging to a blood lineage, has lived for years in a Psychiatric hospital, admitted by his daughter HELENA. Over the years, HELENA had lost faith in herself, questioning her father's wisdom and beliefs.
One afternoon, ANTONIO receives a visit from CLARA, a medium who brings him an omen: HELENA will be sacrificed by the demon KUARAHYÁ. His daughter and her lineage are in danger. ANTONIO must escape and face the demon to save his daughter.


Lo Inevitable

Logline: A family under the influence of apocalyptic prophecies takes refuge in an old country house the last hours before the announced final judgment. But the unexpected appearance of an intruder, who claims to be "a savior," puts his faith and destiny at risk.
Director and Screenwriter: Fercks Castellani
Cast: Juana Viale, Luciando Cáceres, Daryna Butryk, Javier Godino and special participation by Carlos Portaluppi
Genre: Fantasy Thriller, Drama
Nationality: Argentina
Producer: Fercks Castellani
Production Company: Lunfardo Films & Eusebia en la Higuera
Status: Postproduction
Looking For: Sales and Festival Agent
Synopsis: During a storm, Marcos (40), his sister Juana (45) and his niece Laura (16), after suffering a breakdown with their car, hide in an abandoned country house. The climate is hostile, since the radio announces that the Final Judgment is two hours away; the envoys will be present to judge all people for their past. Marcos insists that only those who decide to be on the right side will achieve salvation. Unlike Juana, Laura is devoted, and supports her uncle with conviction. Suddenly, in the window appears a little hunched man with a sinister look in his underwear. He warns everyone about the danger of staying indoors, and proclaims himself as "the savior" they were looking for. Under great stress, the family must transform their beliefs, as they all have a secret, for which they must be held accountable, before it is too late.


Machine for the aura

Logline:  A scientist and a photographer find a way to record the energy of emotions and fall in love as they fight for their discovery to be acknowledged.
Director: Ana Laura Monserrat, Codirector: Nahuel Matías Srnec
Cast: Jenni Merla, Juan Cruz Márquez De La Serna, Camila Blasco, Katherine Mena, Juan Carrasco, Alberto Fernández de Rosas, Gabo Correa.
Genre :Sci-fi
Nationality: Argentina
Producer: Nahuel Matías Srnec; Coproducers: Ana Laura Monserrat and Andrea Laura Mock
Status: Postproducción
Looking For: Festivals, sales agent, distribution
Synopsis: A young woman scientist seeks to demonstrate the existence of a type of energy typical of living beings and meets a photographer who wants to record that energy. The two forge a loving relationship on their way to developing this instrument, and although they struggle to gain academic support, her career falls apart. Finally they discover the key to achieve the construction of the machine and get the deserved appreciation from the people.




Logline: Tras presenciar los horrores del futuro que le espera, una valiente niña de 10 años deberá unirse a su madre en una lucha contrarreloj para permanecer juntas.
Director: Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino
Cast: Introducing Iria Vicente Otero
Genre: Horror, Magical Realism 
Nationality: Spain, USA
Producer: Chelo Loureiro, Abano Producións
Status: Development
Looking For: Funding/investors, distribution deals, International co-producer and international cast.
Synopsis: Melita is much more than a peculiar and quiet girl. Contrary to the other children of O Molán, Melita insisted on being born just once which blessed her with the courage and awareness of an unwanted deafness. Born a rebel, Melita is soon faced with the consequences of a horrible mistake that changes her life and her mothers' forever.


Logline: Simon, an office worker meets a man who has a hole in the middle of his bald head through which it is possible to see his own memories and also his future.
Director: Juan Sebastian Sarmiento Bazzani
Cast: Tim Park y Naci Baybura
Genre: Science Fiction.
Nationality: Colombia
Producer: Paola Ochoa
Status: Development
Looking For: Festivals, Funding & Partners
Sinopsis: On a lonely alley Simon, an office worker, finds Miguel a bald man who is standing with his eyes closed and in a catatonic state. This bald man has a small hole in the middle of his head through which Simon can see his own past and also his future. Simon keeps peeking and Miguel his host, gets younger and younger until he disappears, then the peephole is transferred from Miguel’s to Simon’s head. Twenty years have passed and Simon has managed to hide his peephole from everyone, but one day his wife Carla discovers his secret and asks him to let her peek once through the peephole. 

Realidad Virtual

Logline: A team of technicians and actors believed they were filming a horror movie when they were actually filming their future deaths.
Director: Hernan Findling
Cast: Vanesa Gonzalez, Christian Sancho, Cesar Bordon, Guillermo Berthold, Federico Bal, Sofia del tuffo, Santiago Magariños
Genre: Science fiction-Horror-Comedy
Nationality: Argentina
Producer: WIT PRODUCCIONES SRL -Gabriel Lahaye - Hernan Findling
Status: in post production
Looking For: Sales Agent, Festivals
Synopsis: A group of technicians and actors who are filming a horror movie, the way they carry out the filming and the relationships between them. Some time after the end of filming, the Director of the film summons them to his house to show the first cut of the film to certain technicians and actors. The projection takes place normally until a certain moment when the viewers of that first cut begin to notice that they are seeing scenes that they did not film. They go from surprise to absolute terror when when one of the actors dies in the film, he also dies in reality. From that moment on, the limit between fictional reality begins to be lost. Moviegoers are going to have to survive the movie or die inside and outside of it. The script combines horror, action and a lot of cinema by taking references from several films and moving the viewer to the limit between reality and fiction.



Sandwich Cat

Logline: David, who lives alone with his cat, Sandwich Cat, must face the terrible responsibility of saving the human race from extinction.
Director: David Fidalgo Omil
Cast: -
Genre: Sci-Fi, Humor
Nationality: Spain
Producer: Daniel Rodríguez Palacios (Lizartonne), under the Digital Monster Collective brand
Status: Production (animatic done)
Looking For: Financing, co-production, sales-distribution agent.
Synopsis: David is lying on the couch watching his favorite series, a Christian fantasy, while his cat does his thing. At one point David goes to the bathroom and strange things start to happen like shaking and blackouts. When leaving the bathroom an intense light covers everything and David falls to the floor passed out. He wakes up to the licking of Sandwich Cat who, suddenly, begins to speak and explains that he is an alien who has exchanged his mind with that of his cat to spend a day with him and according to what he sees and what he talks to him, will decide whether to destroy the human race or not.

Ghosting Gloria 

Logline: Gloria is a 30-year-old single woman, who has never had an orgasm. She finally finds her ideal lover, but the only caveat is that “he” does not inhabit the world of the living.
Directors: Mauro Sarser and Marcela Matta
Cast: Stefanía Tortorella, Mauro Sarser, Nenan Pelenur, Federico Guerra, Cecilia 
Genre: Horror Romantic Comedy
Nationality: Uruguay
Producer: Marcela Matta, Mauro Sarser, Gabriel Silva Lamboglia
Status: Post production.
Looking For: Festivals - Theatrical - VOD
Synopsis: Gloria is a thirty year old woman, she is an introvert, works in a bookstore, does not get along with the men she knows, she never had an orgasm and she cannot sleep because of her neighbors. When she moves to a quieter home she discovers that an entity lives there. This ghost will be able to make her discover her sexuality, but also face a dilemma: choose between the delusion of fantasy or the disappointment of reality.
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