de Bigas Luna


Presented at Sitges’87, Anguish is Bigas Luna’s only foray – and a remarkable one at that – into horror cinema, or if you prefer, into the terrain of the spine-chilling thrillers. A psychopathic killer pursues the spectators in a movie theater while they are hypnotically watching the fascinating story happening on screen … Full of parallel actions, tricks and ploys that come one after another in a disconcerting spiral of fear and black humor, Anguish speaks to us about real fear and fictitious fear, specifically, the fear that movies can cause. In Anguish, the cinema, a dark space dominated by shadows and where imagination is mixed with desire, with our lucidity voluntarily suspended, is a place to suffer… and to die.


Bigas Luna

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Sitges Clàssics
Original language: English