Yamagata Scream (Yamagata Sukurimu)

de Naoto Takenaka



A village in the Yamagata prefecture, scenario of a historic betrayal that finished off the Taiga clan and put an end to the romance between warrior Tsuzuranuki and the beautiful Mitsube, just barely gets by today as a tourist attraction. An accident winds up bringing Tsuzuranuki and his clan of samurais back to life, just when a group of schoolgirls arrive in town. ‘The first j-pop samurai zombie horror comedy’ is the indisputable presentation of Naoto Takenaka’s new movie, an apparent farce that intertwines absurdist humor and caustic irony with clear nods to classic horror and the most outlandish characters. Not even Kitano has gone this far (yet).


Naoto Takenaka

Yokohama, 1956. Actor, director, singer and showman, he has worked on innumerable movies and series for television and debuted as a filmmaker with Nowhere Man (91). He made a name for himself in the West with Shall we Dance? (Masayuki Suo, 96) and this is his sixth film as a director.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: Japanese