How many times have we seen it? At this festival, at the movies, in fiction: the story of a child abductor, of a serial killer, of he who lurks in the shadows, lying in wait. This documentary returns to the legend of Cropsey, a macabre story about a boogeyman that grownups in Staten Island invented so their little ones wouldn’t get themselves into trouble and would remain quietly at home. A fictional character that came to life when, in the early eighties, children really started to disappear. Yes, we’ve seen it many times, but it was never this real.


Joshua Zeman & Barbara Brancaccio

Zeman has been working in the movie world for over ten years.  As a producer, he’s covered a big part of the American independent spectrum (working on The Station Agent, Mysterious Skin, The Hawk Is Dying, among others). Brancaccio works for the New York administration.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Noves Visions - No Ficció
Original language: English