The House of the Devil

de Ti West



Little by little and hand in hand with Larry Fessenden, Ti West is making it very clear that he’s got a lot to say in contemporary genre cinema; even though it’s through a clear tribute to the eighties. Like in The Roost and Trigger Man, West needs few elements to create an oppressive atmosphere. In The House of the Devil he has enough with a girl, a house and a mysterious couple (played by Tom Noonan and Mary Moronov) to vindicate horror cinema that has no need for sensationalisms, but that cooks up fear with a steady hand and class. A retro score and gore makeup from the Splinter factory round off this film that’s headed, slowly but surely, for the category of cult film.


Ti West

Delaware, 1980. He debuted with the short film The Wicked (01). In his first feature-legnth film, The Roost (Sitges’05), he was the director, screenwriter, film editor and composer. In 2009, he directed the sequel of Cabin Fever. Despite his youth, West is already a genre reference thanks to films like The House of the Devil (09).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
Original language: English