The Forbidden Door (Pintu terlarang)

de Joko Anwar



A charming wife, a luxurious villa, two good friends, an art dealer who manages to sell all his pieces... Gambir, a young sculptor, couldn’t ask for more in life or at least that’s what he thinks until he finds the words ‘help me’ written on the ground at his door. It’s the beginning of a desperate search for answers that will place him in direct contact with a terrible reality. In his third feature film, Indonesian director Joko Ankwar brings together about the best in the local industry to untangle a film noir-like web of intrigues and secrets. A sophisticated horror thriller that opens many doors and where nothing is what it seems.


Joko Anwar

Considered to be one of the main renovators of Indonesian film, he made his debut with the comedy Joni's Promise (05). His remarkable approaches to genre like Kala (07), The Forbidden Door (09) and The Children of Satan (17) leave no one indifferent.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
Original language: Indonesian