Ne te retourne pas (Don't Look Back)

de Marina de Van



A movie where Sophie Marceau slowly turns into Monica Bellucci is morbidly fascinating. If on top of it it’s directed by Marina de Van (director of In My Skin, one of the most highbrow genre films of the of the last decade thanks to its Cronenbergian taste for flesh) the morbid fascination is double. Ne te retourne pas (Don’t Look Back) shows us a family woman and successful worker who’s convinced her environment is changing and that another woman is taking control of her body. Faces that gradually transform, tension and ghosts that return from the past, but above all, a physical duel between two divas of European cinema.


Marina de Van

France, 1971. Studied at La Fémis. Actress and screenwriter, she worked, among others, with François Ozon. Her first feature length film was Dans ma peau (02). Ne te retourne pas (Sitges’09) confirmed her as one of the most important names from the new flesh “à la French”.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: French, Italian